Wednesday, 1 September 2010

happy list ♥

reasons to be happy:

1. i just got back from a lovely little holiday on the isle of wight and have come back feeling inspired. I want to move there one day, and have my own little shop to sell my artwork. i adore it there.

2. I have two new adorable little kittens who make me smile

3. i have my little poppy pops who gives me teeny snuggles whenever i need them

4. my family. i have lots of giggles with them.

5. my David. i am very lucky to have fallen in love with a boy at 15 and still be with him to this day. we are best friends and he makes me very very happy.

6. even though it has been hard, i am about to start my last year at uni and have almost finished the course i always wanted to do.

7. people like my artwork. i have to start believing them.

8. i have lovely friends. uni friends who buy me harry potter bookends, and moon best friends who send me wonderful post and make me smile.

9. I have been drawing little pictures for my freinds and family with coloured pencils, and have been making little people and toadstalls out of clay my father bought me recently

10. mother just made me a peppermint tea in my beatrix potter cup and saucer

what is making you happy at the moment??

♥ x


  1. i absolutely love happy-lists.

    i am jealous of your kittens. <3

  2. I wasn't having a very happy moment, but your happy list cheered me up and made me smile and feel emotional. A little bit teary eyed. :')
    Your blog has been on of my favourites since I started, you seem like the most loveliest sweetest girl and I'm glad so many things make you happy. :)

  3. What a lovely post. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and today reading it made me happy too! So thank you for that.

    Your photograph of the clown object is my favourite one in this post. Well done!

    Feel free to stop by my blog sometime :)

  4. Lovely pictures Rosie! :)
    I love your artwork. It makes me happy! *Believe it!*
    Good luck at uni this year!

  5. That was a very sweet post. I just discovered your blog and I'm loving it.

    The things that are making me happy are my lovely boyfriend, my cute cat and the start of Spring in Australia :)

  6. oh Rosie, I'm so glad you're feeling so happy :) these pictures are the loveliest, especially the toadstool. At the moment the thought of autumn and winter are making me very happy. I hope you happiness continues <3

  7. At the moment, making new friends and experiencing freshmen year is making me happy. I like being with other smarties and feeling like I fit in. I also enjoy my English class.

    I am so happy that you're happy, dear. :)

  8. your list made me smile, everything is so lovely and charming and you have so much to be thankful and happy for!
    your photos are beautiful and i wish to have my own little shop some day too.
    hope you're well!

  9. This is lovely. Glad to see your still blogging, I stopped about a year ago (switched to tumblr) but now I'm posting again :)

  10. Oh gosh, your lovely post made me feel happy. ♥ Your list reminds me that I have a lot of reasons to be happy too, although sometimes I underestimate and forget them. Your photographs are simply wonderful. (Ps, I am about to start my final year of uni too. I am slightly nervous about the amount of work I have to do. Good luck to you, deer!)

  11. Thank you for the lovely comments. You are being featured on my "Follow Friday" this week so keep an eye out hehe :)
    In the end I watched X factor and Sex and the City lol xx

  12. Dearest Rosie,
    I'm sorry I don't comment enough anymore, I feel quite terrible about it.
    You really are so magical Rosie, you always make me smile because you are so sincere and sweet.
    Your pictures are so beautiful, they always have a glassy, dreamy quality to them. Do you know what I mean?
    Your list is lovely. I think everyone should make a list of things that they should be grateful for, and that make them happy so they can look at it when they are feeling down.
    You are so lovely lovely lovely Rosie, keep shining xx

  13. How lovely to meet another Reading blogger, with such lovely soft posts, Definitely following my new Reading-ista :)


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