Sunday, 22 August 2010

lots and lots of kittiens ♥

Peppermint tea in my favourite kitty cup. little alfie, playing and bieng adorable. purring very very loudly!!

and a suprise from father. coming home one evening, with a teeny furry ball. fluffy and black with a loud meow. little archie, with a face like a little teddy bear. so very cute. a little firend for alfie, a cuddley new member of the family!! kittens everywhere...

hello kitty bubbles, from aunties and uncles anniversary party, where they handed out little organza pouches of pink bon bons and roses.

i want quiet this week. to play with kittens and make artwork and read books. and then next weekend i go on holiday with my family. i cannot wait ♥

x ♥


  1. Oh how lovely! Cute cute cute. :)

  2. oh, alfie & archie are just so very darling :) (and I love there names too, alfie is one of my favourite names ever) I hope your week is as lovely as you plan <3

  3. they look so adorable! alfie has the most stunning eyes :O


  4. What a cute cup!
    Alfie looks like mine; only mine had blue eyes!
    Aw Archie is adorable!
    Have a good week! :)

  5. Lovely.
    I love cats.


  6. So adorible, I want that cup (and Archie too!). Best wishes to you, dear. xx

  7. hi doll!
    i hope you're well :) i've been away from the blogworld all summer, but i am back!
    your photos are as lovely as always. two kittens! how sweet. i love little kittens, but am allergic so i don't think i'll ever have one.
    happy belated birthday! i'm sorry i never commented before, but you look like you had a wonderful day full of so many goodies!
    take care <3

  8. That is such an amazing kit-tea cup!
    I love tiny kittens, these are adorable!
    I hope you had the loveliest day, dearest. xxx

  9. I am really quite envious of you Rosise you are very lucky.
    I wish I had two little kittens, but I do have a beautiful old marmalade cat and I love her very much.
    They are so lovely!
    Hope you are well little bird.


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