Monday, 9 August 2010

20 and suprises

The house is ever so empty without snowy. I am missing him lots. But my summer otherwise has been lovely, I am going to try to be more positive!!

I love spending so much time with my family. And I do not have to miss David too much either, he has been coming to stay for weeks at a time. This summer has been quiet and peaceful. Mother and I go for walks around the park every morning which has been lovely. Then we come in and eat porridge with strawberries and watch old TV programmes and films. There have been family parties and celebrations. And days out. A week with Davids family, taking walks through the countryside and meeting horses and pigs and goats and sheep. And I turnt 20. Goodness, it feels strange!! 20 years old. I was thoroughly spoilt by friends and family on my birthday. my family, my David and I visited covent garden. it is such an amazing place. you must visit if you get the chance!! and all of my family came to my house for a celebration. my sister and i decorated the gareden with balloons and banners and sprinkles of stars and bunting. I received the most wonderful gifts. I received lovely jewellery. An owl to hang around my neck, a rose for my finger, an unusual and very pretty ring, a gigantic clock to hang around my neck like the white rabbit, and a pretty daisy necklace and floral heart earrings from charlotte. And I received a boat in a bottle which I adore.

I got such pretty clothes too a t-shirt with an owl on. A polkadot skirt. A stripy sailor top and pyjamas. A floral skirt, a polkadot dress, a mint green dress. A dress with peacock feathers. A red coat for winter. Pretty beaded sandals.

A charm bracelet with stars and moons jingling away. from my moon best friend charlotte. A fairy skirt.

Pretty nail varnishes and pink colour for my lips

Some lovely books including the last twilight (!!!!)

I was particularly spoilt by dearest charlotte. She sent me the most amazing package full of wonderful hand made treasures and pretty gifts. Chocolate and my jewellery and a cute pencil and a little teddy from Greece and a storybook and letters and stickers and others little bits and pieces of amazingness and wonder. A little handmade card. A handmade badge with 20 and a pony on it. The cutest hairclip. And a very very special dvd. One I have been unable to get my hands on, but have wished for for a very long time. The secret of moonacre. I do not think I deserved such wonder!!

And if you look at the last photo very carefully, you may spot something. A little paw reaching over. a little nose. Adorable little alfie. My parents bought us a new kitten while I was away at Davids mothers. He was such a surprise. But a wonderful, adorable surprise!!

He has not replaced snowy, he is very very different and nothing could ever replace snowy. But he is the most adorable, playful, curious and clumsy little thing and I love him lots and lots already. He has been following me around the house getting into all kinds of mischief. It was difficult to take any pictures where he didn’t jump in front of the camera to pounce and play. He particularly loves the little teddy charlotte gave me.

How are your summers?? I have missed yu all, I know I have been away quite a while now. But I am back and much much cheerier!! Thank you for your sweet messages on my last post, they did make me feel much much better ♥

X ♥


  1. Oh such lovely & cute things you got!
    Your kitty looks just like mine!
    :) I love cats.

  2. Oh I just adore your gifts! Lovely :) Happy birthday, love! 20--what a lovely age. I miss you, its been way too long.

  3. Oh what lovely treasures! Many happy returns, sweetpea! I'm so glad you've found a new friend.

  4. O, all of your gifts are so enchanting and magical. I am certain you will enjoy the lovely new necklaces and nail varnishes...and bestest of all, your adorable new friend!

  5. Well, it looks like you had an amazing birthday!! I think twenty was a good age for me, but two years have passed since that birthday, so in my mind, they are all good days! The Secret of Moonacre is one of my favorite films, too!!! They didn't release it in the u.s., so my dad was kind enough to send away for it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer days, my dear.


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  7. oh such a pretty things !

  8. alfie is so very adorable rosie!
    and i am so so happy you had a lovely birthday, considering all the rubbishness. don't forget to whisper me soon, so i can tell you that your moon best friend will always be there for you. i also have some secrets to share with you! good ones and sad ones. but mainly good good good!

    i am so happy you loved your gifts and they cheered you up!
    lot of moon hugs


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