Monday, 26 July 2010

Snowy ♥

Sweetheart, we miss you so much ♥

This summer is not going the way I had hoped and wished for. we lost fifi first. there has been illness and tears. mosre illness. money woes. and now, we have lost snowy. my dearest snowy. the magic cat, that as a little girl, i called snowy, because i thought it funny, him being so black. soon after, he started growing white spots. as though he had been taking a walk in the snow.

When he was a kitten, he was so playful. he would sleep on my bed every night, then at six every morning would wake me up, and I would play with him, with the tie from my dressing gown, until it was time for school. then as we have both got older, he has preferred to just sit with me, for hours. and he would follow me around the house where ever i went, his little bell tinkling. he wuold make me laugh by getting up to all sorts of mischief. and now we have lost him. The house seems so empty. My heart is completely broken.

This summer has not gone as planned. It is our birthday on Friday, my father and I. I do not feel cheery about it at all.

Oh I do hope I can come back here with some good news. everything has been too depressing lately.

I'm sorry dears.

I hope your summers are happy ones.

x ♥


  1. I'm so sorry things are tough for you, but it will get better! Sending you all my love x

  2. i can feel your pain, losing a pet is as horrible as losing a humanbeing. one of our cats had to be put to sleep a few years ago, he was a magnificent cat, a real king and only 9 years old. but sometimes he appears into my dreams and he feels as real as if he was here. i am sure snowy hasn't left you, he will be with you for the rest of your life and perhaps now and then he might come to your dreams and tell you everything is okay... hang in there dear, you will feel better even if it now seems impossible

  3. oh you sweet darling,

    please do not be sad; i know it is the hardest thing, really, but your baby has gone to prance over the rainbow where it is so happy and all the dear kitties play and sniff and dance and drink up all the milk they could ever like <3
    i will be thinking of you on friday, your birthday, and wishing and hoping that you have the best one ever, and perhaps your sadness could turn into a sweet happiness that will radiate like sunshine and maybe you might have a lovely day that day.

    hello from my little corner of the world

  4. so so sorry to hear about your cat. he looks like a lovely boy and just think about how lucky you were to have him and what a great life he had with you. xxx

  5. i'm sorry for your losses; i wish you well . <3

  6. oh, dearest, i am so, so sorry. i hope you find something to cheer you up.

  7. i hope your summer gets better :) i lost my cat last year and after he died-my other cat became alot more affectionate so it wasnt all bad. xxxxx

  8. oh, i am so so sorry, dear... i know it breaks my heart every time i lose a pet. they really are more than a pet, they're a best friend, and you can't replace them.
    i hope things start to look up soon ♥


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