Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Sorry my lovelies, I know i have been a truely awful blogger at the moment. First I was having so many summer adventures that I could not find time to write. Then everything got teary and awful and horrible recently, and blogging again had to wait. I didnt feel it was right to blog about such horrible things, and i felt too awful to be inspired.

But I have started to feel happier again, and inspired again. I have found a wonderful little gadget online that turns all of your digital photos into polaroids, which I absolutely love!!! I have a polaroid camera but am too scared to use it a lot of the time because when i run out of film I can never afford new ones!! so here are some of my summer adventures in polaroid form...

Lazy days in long grass with my boy, finding ladybirds, laying in the sun, family days at the beach, building sandcastles, playing frisbee, picnics, swimming in the sea, fishing for crabs, getting burn, rosy cheeks, long long walks, swings and discovering new places!!

I have also been setting up an etsy shop!! I havent opened the shop yet, but I have been working on items to sell such as little brooches and rings and garlands. I am so excited about this!! It has been fun making things and coming up with ideas, and i think I am almost ready to open my shop. I am a little nervous, as i dont know whether I am being silly in thinking its a good idea, because people may think my items are not good enough to buy, but people have been encouraging me to do it so i thought i would try :) anybody with any advice is extremeily welcome as i really am not entirely sure what i am doing!! I am also trying to come up with ideas of other things to sell, and I do not have a name or header for the shop yet. I will do a post soon with pictures of the things I have made so far to show you all!!

Things may have been awful and teary in the past few weeks, put I have a few reasons to be smiley and happy again now:

♥ It is my birthday next thursday!! That means a new teeny furry friend in the form of an adorable little hamster, a shopping trip in London and party :)

♥ This saturday I am spending with my lovely boyfriend, his sister and her baby boy and girl!! Her baby boy calls me 'Uncle Rosie', which I adore!!!

♥ I am going to see harry potter on friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait, I am so so so excited!!! Im in love with this picture of Emma Watson at the moment too...

I am going to post again by the end of the week with pictures of pieces for etsy and hopefully more interesting things than this post. You are all wonderful and I adore each and every comment you leave. I will get back to you all very very soon and read all of your beautiful inspiring blogs!!

♥ x


  1. Oh rosie!
    I am so sorry that things were so awful for you in the past few weeks, but I am also very happy for you for all the lovely moments you had as well.
    Your pictures are lovely and it made me want to go to the beach so bad!

    "Uncle Rosie" is such a lovely cute nickname, I would love it too :)
    I saw Harry Potter last Friday and I love it, I'm sure you are going to love it to.

    I can't wait to see what you have made for your lovely shop and I hope I will have a job soon so I can afford something of yours :)

    most of all, though, I am so happy to read your words and see your pictures again :) I have missed them.
    I hope everything will be fixed and well soon. And I can't wait to hear from you again!

    Take care of yourself, dear.

  2. Good to hear you're back. Those photos look gorgeous.
    What's the website you use?

  3. So happy to see you are back<3 I have really missed your blog posts! I'm very sorry you have had some sad moments, but I'm very happy you feel better soon and is thinking positive! I saw the Harry Potter movie last week and it is amazing, I'm sure it will meet every expectation and a little more ^^ I love your summer pictures, they really show the summer spirit! Happy birthday too darling! I hope thursday will be most wonderful!

  4. emma watson is gorrrrrrgeous! as is your blog :)

    i love those little polaroids, know what you mean about being scared to use the actual film, at £12 a shot it's hard to decide what to photograph!

    hellomaxine.blogspot.com xxx

  5. glad to have you back!!! hope everything stays well (:

  6. p.s. what website do you use? i found one, but it looks so not real. your photos look fab!

  7. I'm sorry you've not been very happy, hope things have sorted themselves out for you

    i love that gadget! Is it poladroid? I've seen other bloggers using it, I really should get it myself!


  8. aww rosie! sorry you haven't been feeling good as of lately :( but your summer adventures look like such great fun!

    ohmygoodness, a rosie etsy shop? i cannot wait. honestly, i will spend every penny in my pocket to buy your magical creations. <3 pinky promise.
    xoxo sprinkle

  9. ohh no, so sorry to hear you've been feeling sad :( i had some bad times last summer too and was very sad for a while, but i'm glad you're feeling a bit better now! :)
    ohh the etsy shop is a fabulous idea, i'm in the process of setting mine up, (poppiesandposies.etsy.com!) i'm selling vintage clothing, but its not quite finished yet..let me know when yours is done :)
    the pictures look lovely too..


  10. Happy Birthday!

    Glad to hear things are getting better for you, I hope they continue to do so. Looking forward to more posts from you soon!

  11. i can't wait to see the things you made for your shop, i bet everyone will love them!
    happy birthday for next week lovely xx :)

  12. Oh, it's so good to hear from you again, lovely!
    Your pictures are wonderful. I know what you mean about being too scared to use the "real" polaroid camera - the film is just SO expensive! I have a pack of film in the fridge that I'm too scared to open, hehe...

    Enjoy Harry Potter! I loved it.

  13. Awh v' cute photographs! Yes "Poladroid" is it? Haa - pretty nifty gadget indeed! Yeah Polaroid film is extremely expensive I'm sure I've spend hundreds on them! Eek!

    P.S. Harry Potter was brilliant - don't you think? :)

  14. such beautiful pictures and a lovely post too, and i'm really excited to hear about your etsy shop ^^ oh and happy belated birthday for thursday :) ♥

  15. hi rosie! your blog is so magical! it is something truly magical!

    i am searching through people's blogs and telling them about my contest, which i think you may enjoy♥

  16. I can not believe I only discovered your blog just now! It's just filled with whimsy and marvel and waw, I'm absolutely smitten! I hope things are less teary by now and that you're feeling brilliant. x

  17. i'm so sorry things were bad for you for a few weeks, i do hope so so so much you are happy now and have been for a while, and stay that way for a long time to come!

    happy happy belated birthay, i hope it was magical darling!

    stay sweet


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