Wednesday, 10 June 2009

hello :)

i apologise for being away again such a long time, a few sad and teary things have happened here so my mind has been away from blogging, but i am back and smiling!!
my room is all newly decorated!! it is mainly white and plain because i am sharing with my sister (for the first time since i was 9 years old!!) and we have rather different tastes, so what i wanted has had ro be comprimised but i still love it!!! hopefully more things will be up on the walls soon, but here it is!!

whilst everyone was clearing out all of their things, we came across lots of wonderful treasures, and i have gained lots of lovely clothes from my mother!!! she has also given me lots of wonderful jewelary she doesnt wear anymore, my favourite being her locket with delicate flowers on the front with a very long chain.

mother also gave me a pair of wedges with ribons that tie around your ankles which i have been wearing while enjoying the lovely sunny weather!! I love being at home in the garden, we've been having lunch in the garden every day with tea :)

I recieved a wonderful package in the post from little lottie!!! there were teeny books with little drawings and words and notes and sweeties that i have been eating for breakfast and wrapped up very carefully in pink tissue paper i found the prettiset and most adorable tiny tea cup, and in the next litle pink tissue wrapped suprise, kitty was waiting for me!!! my new teeny tiny friend, who i carry in my pocket, and who drinks tea with me out of the pretty teacup!!! i adore her, lottie is a complete angel :) she makes a wonderful friend for mr hedgehog!

I have been tagged by the lovely
Jane to list 5 of my current obsessions. here they are!

1. tea!! i drink more when i am at home than when i am at uni, because my parents drink so much and make me some everytime they have any, which i love ♥

2. polaroids, but i havent taken any yet that i like very much

3. day trips with my family. we have been having lots lately because we are making up for the fact we cant have a very long holiday this year. so far we have been to legoland, a pretty little village with cute shops, and tomorrow we are going to london with our melin annual passes to visit the london eye, madame tussauds and the aquarium :)

4. my neice and nephew. they are my boyfriends older sisters little boy who is 2, and little girl who is 9 months old, and they are adorable!!! the little boy calls me uncle instead of auntie, but i do not mind being his uncle Rosie, as he so so cute!!

5. inspiring blogs with the most beautiful pictures and words :)

i tag: daisy-kate and stephanie

I have also recieved this lovely award from lavelle and ashma thank you lovelies!! I have to list 15 of my favourite newly found blogs, so here they are:

all the mountains
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sorry, there are only 10, and not all new finds, but i love them!!

I have been given this beautiful award from the lovely
lottie!! thank you ever so much :)
i will pass this on to daydream lily and loveology

thank you all ever so much for the beautiful comments you have left me, they have put a very big smile on my face :)

lots of love
♥ x


  1. Thankyou so much for the award! :)
    your blog is so sweet. xx

  2. I'm happy you feel better than:))

    Your room is amazing! Before I hated white walls but now I've found that I love them. It's like a blank clean page to decorate! And sharing a room with my sister is something I really miss<333

    Legoland is wonderful! Is it the one in Denmark?:D

  3. What a wonderful time you seem to be having!
    I like your new room and how you added your personal touch to it.
    And that necklace that your mom gave you is gorgeous!
    I love receiving little packages from friends too. It feels like Christmas, but sometimes it's even better because it is unexpected :)

    Have a great time with you family and I will look forward to reading all about your adventures, small and big.


  4. Cheers for the awards!:)
    Love your pictures, they are pretty!
    And I like your bedroom.
    The white blends really well with pink, and your room is so beautifully decorated!

    Keep smiling like that:D


  5. Ohmygoodness! Your room is fantastic, so simple but artistic... I adore your little treasures and accessories, sooo cute!

    & doesn't Lottie send the best packages? I think those tiny animals like your kittie and her hedgehog are an English thing? I cannot find them here, but want one! ahh! :]

    xoxo Sprinkle

  6. Your room is ever so pretty, so are you new things.

    I was just wondering where abouts do you write the persons name for the link button.

    xx Felicity.

  7. it is fantastic that you are back and smiling! your room is so lovely, and kitty is so beautiful and adorable!

  8. Awh~ your room looks pretty! and miss kitty is adorable :)

  9. Thank you so much for your tag! I'm going to do it tomorrow morning before I go to work I hope! I'm so pleased exams are over I can finally catch up on some blogs! :) How adorable is your room?! :)
    Kate ♥

  10. kitty and her teacup look ever so wonderful in your new room!
    everything is wonderfully perfect.

    i will write soon.
    lots to tell.

  11. hello pretty girl. what a sweet and lovely post! the room looks absolutely precious, so childlike and playful. and i love all the pictures of you in your adorable outfits, girly but always a little bit dark.
    i am so jealous of your package from lottie, how lucky you are to have such a dear friend who sends you such treasures. i hope nothing is happening to make you sad now, sweet dearie!

  12. Thank you so much for the award! :) Your new room looks so lovely, as does your jewellery! x

  13. your blog is so lovely *follows*

  14. Ooh Rosie Posie Sweetheart!!!!
    Your long and ever sooo sweet comment you just left on my blog made my whole day a good day in just a few minutes!
    I was smiling while reading your words. It is indeed very coincedental that we were in London at the same time and we both create garlands with sweet, little things on them....
    I truly love to hear from you again!

    Maybe it's strange, but you know what word comes to my mind again and again while i am typing this....


    I don't know if you ever did a swapping...i guess you do know what it is...haha. I haven't done a swap before, but lately i see lots of pictures from the cutest swaps that people do together to trade a bag full of beautifully wrapped gifts, containing all kinds of goodies, pieces of fabrics, vintage finds, buttons etc.
    At Flickr there is also a pool where people only post pictures of their sent and received swaps.
    Ok, what i wanted to say is, that maybe it's a nice idea to do a swap, just for the both of us. Like i said i've never done it before, but somehow i feel like swapping with you.
    Let me know what you think about it dear! If you don't like the idea, just tell me, that's no problem at all.

    Oh, if you do like swapping (or the idea of it) i think you should definitely join the great swap Danni from that lovely blog Oh, hello friend is planning to organise very soon! It will be something like the 'Beautiful Package Swap', for all people who like to receive (and to send of course!)a gift to someone, wrapped up in the most beautiful giftpapers, tissue paper and ribbons and lace....ooh i can't wait!
    Don't you just love to make a very beautiful gift for someone, and wrap it up so pretty, the receiver is almost afraid to open it... ;)

    Ok, let's stop here, before i type for two hours...

    1 small question: do you 'by accident' have the emailaddress of the girl from the lovely blog Anywhere I lay my head???
    She won the Giveaway on my blog and i have this whole pack full of (beautifully wrapped!! haha) goodies and surprises for her, ready to be shipped. But i heard nothing from her since her last comment on the Giveaway, which made her the winner of the prices!
    It makes me a bit sad, because she's such a nice girl and i really looked forward to send her the prices. But i can't wait forever of course.
    What do you think i should do?
    Just wait for another week or so? (Her last post on her blog said Au Revoir, because she had no inspiration anymore or something. But nothing about coming back or not etc.

    Ok, i really stop now.
    I am off to Etsy to buy some craftsupplies!

    Hopefully speak to you soon, dear!


  15. your room is wonderful!
    i hope you are enjoying being back home.
    well done on the awards!

  16. Your blog is the cutest :)

  17. your images are so soft and lovely.

  18. yes, you're blog is beautiful! Talking about cupcakes and deers - have a look @ mine:)

    xxx Jenny*


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