Monday, 10 November 2008

Tea parties, doll houses and craft fair!!

I have had a very lovly weekend, which started with me and the boyfriend going to the local art gallery to see its new art exhibition. There we saw wonderful artwork, drank tea, ate chocolate cake, and came across a beautifful dolls house!!I took a peek inside the dolls house and saw this little tea party going on in one room, which I thought was wonderfully enchanting!!! My project for art is on the theme of childhood, and my childhood memories through the use of photography. In my last post you may have seen that I used to take pictures of my dolls. This scene inside the dolls house inspired me to recreate a tea party scene with toys as I would have done when I was younger and take pictures, so here it is!!Also this weekend I found out about the Burslem arts fair, which takes place every year in Stoke On Trent. I am getting a stool and taking part in it this year, which is very exciting but I am also a bit nervous as my work has never been in a crafts fair before!! So I have been busy creating things all weekend, including brooches and dolls. I will post some images when I am happier with what I am making. It does mean that I am going to be terribly busy, as I have to have a stool worth of crafts completed by the 6th December, and an essay and studio full of work to be handed in at uni by the 12th!!

Whilst being all creative and making lots of little pretty things, I came across a wooden spoon in my room, and just had to release some of my creative energy on that too!!! This is the result!! I call her Little Miss Sequin :)

I have also been reading Atonement, which is so beautifully written it is making it very hard to get on with work as I just dont want to put it down!! The film was also beautifully made and captivating, and I cried more than I have probably ever cried before at a film, but I'm hoping I'll be more prepared when reading it as I have seen the film, so I wont get quite as upset. It is a very powrful story though.

The only negative thing about this weekend was the dissapointing news on Saturday night that Diana couldnt sing!! I wait all wek to see another one of her amazing performances but was unfortunely dissapointed this weekend. The VT was so sad aswell, I hated seeing her so upset!!! Hope you feel better soon Diana and get your beautiful voice back!!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends too!! x


  1. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your blog, it's so pretty and delicate. I love old family photos. They're so nostalgic and warm and fuzzy :) :)

  2. i adore your blog... and the spoon, of course!

  3. Your blog is so artsy and colorful and I'm sure you are an excellent art student from what I'm seeing!!


  4. I love that dollhouse! I still have mine from when I was a little girl, and I sometimes go and pull it out of our garage and look at all of the little chairs and dolls and utensils and things- I still love it.

    I hope you are well!


  5. Oh thanks for the comment! yes studying Andy Warhol is such a joy it's barely study because I enjoy it so much! yay!!

  6. I love dolls houses, my mum has one and is obessed with making it all old looking and nice, Im always involved in finding new things to place in it-and there really are some adorable little things :)
    The spoon is rather nifty as well :D

  7. little miss sequin is absolutely beautiful.

    i was very sad about diana's lack of presence. and so very annoyed that laura went.
    i am going off the show. if diana goes i promise to never watch it again. everyone i like seems to go.
    she has a name now!! yay. you must see.
    ps i love that dollshouse. so extremely sweet. i want to live somewhere like that.

  8. Hi, I just found your blog through Belle and Boo. I love the dolls house and such a sweet photo of your dolls and teddy's tea party :) Just my cup of tea! Catherine

  9. sounds like a truly lovely weekend! the tea and chocolate in particular sound so great.
    atonement is such a good book isn't it? one of my absolute favourites, and just such a delight to read. ian mcewan is such a genius with words.
    and the movie was so great, not just because it had james mcavoy in it. i think joe wright is a great director too. such a captivating vision.

    oh and your dolls house is so cute! i had one like it, but i ran out of room in my house so i had to sell it. boo!



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