Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Notebooks, made up worlds and the land of nod :)

Hello all!! Thank you for all my sweet comments, there are some very lovely people in blogging land!!

Today I had a wonderful day :) I got to discuss my work with some MA students this morning, which was amazing and very inspiring!! They gave me lots of helpful advice
and ideas, one of which was to get a notebook that I carry with me everywhere and write down my thoughts and feelings all the time, so the first thing I did was go out and get a new notebook! It was just a plain red one, that I didnt find very inspiring, so I decided to jazz it up a bit and beautify it with thoughts and sequins and ribbon :) The paper I used was from the parcel my nan sent me, making it extra special!!I was jotting things down all day long!!! I spent my evening eating pink sweeties and decorating a chocolate cupcake, that I had to un-decorate to eat again, but still lots of fun and so yummy!!

I also realisd I havent mentioned my absolute favourite artist in my blog yet!! Her name is Julie Arkell, and she makes little creatures and dolls who all have stories behind them, and she makes trees, and toadstalls, and bunting, and boxes for their little world that they live in together :) Her work is so enchanting and wonderful, you must take a look!! I was also the luckiest girl in the world on my eighteenth birthday in July, because my parents brought me a brooch made by her, and took me to a gallery where her work was being exhibited, and I spent all my money on buying the only piece of her work I could afford, which was on of her toadstalls :) I made a display box for it and it is hung pride of place on my bedroom wall at home :) My dad also managed to get her number off a website and speak to her, and she invited me to her house and studio to chat about her work!!! AMAZING!!! unfortunately, I was starting uni that wekend and couldnt, I was so dissapointed, but she was so sweet and hopefully I will get to one day. It was very surreal and exciting!! She is lovely though :) Heres my brooch that I adore:

I am also very excited because Im going home and visiting my family this weekend!!! I cant stop smiling!!! I miss them all so much, but will see them on Friday. That means drawings from my brother, mums cooking, talking for ages with my parents, and me and my sister laughing at each other, and playing with lots of toys!! :) Perfect!!

It is very late so I do apologise if this hasnt made sense or I have rambled and made lots of typos. But my eyelids are heavy, and my duvet looks snuggley and inviting, and soon sleepy dust will be sprinkled over my eyes and I will drift off to sleep and dream of the lovely weekend I have to look forward to!!!

Good night and sweet dreams to you all!! x


  1. yummm cupcakes and marshmallows, what a night :)

  2. Ooh I love marshmallows. Especially sitting on top of hot chocolate! And cupcakes are delicious, too.
    Your notebook is so beautiful and unique, and is such a lovely idea to jot down your thoughts and feelings!

  3. I have a notebook too! I'm lost without it.


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