Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sweet treats and twinkling lights!!

What a lovely day I have had!!! Filled with lots of laughter, smiles and pretty things :) The first of these being my owl necklace, which I got quite a long time ago, but I love him. He goes with absolutely everything, and always makes me smile. He was an absolute bargain, I found him on a market stool for £2, and I adore him!!
I spent most of today in town with my boyfriend, and what wonderful suprises there were today, around every corner!! The first was a very very yummy snack in a cafe. We treated ourself to some hot chocolate and brownies, and they were quite wonderful!!Then to our delight we stumbled upon a small fun fair, a christmasy parade and carol singers!! Everyone was so happy and filled with festive joy, it was wonderful!! I do love this time of year, where the christmas lights are turnt on and everyone is smiling and happy!
I hope the magic of this time of year will make all your wishes come true, whatever they may be!!

I wont be posting for a few days, as I am going home to visit my family, and the computer there is rather old and slow, making it quite painful to try and do anything!! Even
if it wasnt, my younger sister is glued to it so it would be impossible to go on anyway!! Therefore, I will wish you all happy weekends and look forward to returning to the blogging world on Monday!!For now though, I must leave you, to go and get snuggled up in my hippo pyjama bottoms and one of my boyfriends baggy T shirts with a cup of tea and good book!!

Sweet dreams and I wish you all wonderful weekends!!


  1. I love comfy pyjamas to lazy around in drinking tea and watching an enjoyable film or reading a gripping novel!
    That hot chocolate looks so delicious and is making me want some! Those fair pictures look so lovely and fun, and I too love the festivity of Christmas time.
    I hope you have a good weekend visiting your family :) xx

  2. Oh! Your necklace is the prettiest!


  3. what a wondrous post rosie :) i adore your owl necklace, i have a similar one..and i love it to bits! iam drooling over your cocoa and brownies!!!!scrumptious, no??? and your image for making a wish, simply adorable ;)
    have a lovely weekend yourself darl!!!

  4. Your owl necklace is very prettiful and I agree with your thoughts about the Christmas lights, they're beautiful :D x

  5. This whole post was so lovely.
    Your owl necklace looks great, and I very much LOVE hot chocolate and brownies...mmmm...

  6. what an adorable post.
    i hope you enjoy your weekend with your family. i am rather quite jealous. i wish to go home and visit family.

    oh what pretty pyjamas, one of the girl i live with have those very ones. sweet.

    enjoy xfactor tomorrow pops. and i'm sure we'll meet back and compare and discuss.

    ps.. i adore your hair. i miss my brown hair and fringe.

  7. i loooooove fun fair and christmas time too!!
    i love the owl neklace..i have an owl neklace too but made from wood..

  8. Oh wow I have a very similar owl necklace.. almost identical it looks :) I'm slightly owl obsessed. I stumbled onto your blog via the comment you left on through the looking glass.. quiet glad I did too

  9. the necklace is rather cool, and I love that kind of jewerly that goes with everything, but I don't like to over use them or else they lose their touch.
    I hope you have fun while you visit your family.
    Oh and poor dear you, stucky with a yucky computer. It is healthy though, to stay away from it for at least a couple of days. Does everyone some good.


  10. aww such a cute post!
    i love your very sweet necklace, a beautiful find!
    fab post. :)


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