Monday, 17 November 2008

My wonderful weekend adventure!!

Gosh I have so much to write about!!! My weekend with my family was wonderful!! There were lots of suprises waiting for me, such as my new outfit...
New slippers...

New socks...

and a wonderful drawing!!!

(it says: "you are pretty and i miss you from Oliver", just with spelling mistakes and words added in randomly and in odd places!!!)

I was spoilt with lots of yummy homemade food, sweets and hot chocolate all weekend!! We also went to a cafe which seemed to have a star theme, and they were the tastiest stars I've ever had!!
I also got to see the little fairies that live around my room..And also my cat, who I adore!! His name is snowy, which you may find odd as he is black, but I was 6 when I named him and I thought it would be funny!! However as he has got older, the most wonderfully magical thing has happened... little white flecks and patches have begun appearing on his fur, making it look like he is covered in snowflakes!! I am sure it is because of the name :)I have also been watching lots of films over the weekend with my family! We watched; a cinderella story, snow white, star wars, the nightmare before christmas and an old mr blobby video!!

My little brother became rather Mr Blobby obsessed, and requested that I make him a mr Blobby out of my clay, so, of course, I did!!
After such a wonderful weekend, there were lots of tears this morning as I left and made my way back to uni on the train.

But I am back, and have a working computer again, and was able to read all the wonderful comments left for me over the weeknd, so thank you, lovely bloggers, for making me smile!!!

One last little note, my boyfriend has joined the blogging community!!! His blog is called Bitmapbox and it would be so nice if someone would visit him and give him a warm welcome!! He is an animation student, and is rather good at it :) Recently he made a father christmas I made out of clay on the computr, and I love it!! You can view it on his blog :)

I must go and make me and D our dinner now, so thank you all again for being so sweet and take care!! x


  1. aaww my comment just go erased, so this one will be shorter since I am now annoyed.

    Welcome back. I am glad your trip was as wonderful as you'd wished it to be.
    Your brother sounds rather nice and cute, and his niceness is also affected with the distance between you and how much he misses you.
    I am liking the new outfit quite a bunch. Oh and the slippers are also very pretty.

    That coffee does indeed seem yummylicious. A bakery shop with a star theme...hhmm,interesting. Quite the idea they've got.
    Your cat is cute. Oh and wow, you have a rather strong power, to be able to change someone, cats included, just by what you name them. Indeed an interesting ability.

    Cinderella story has made me cry, it is a cute movie. Oh and I wish I will soon watch all of those Disney movies I watched so long ago, my memory is terrible and I don't fully remember them.
    I have already seen your boyfriend's website. yes, agreed on the animation goodness, though I suck at such things which can make pretty much anyone qualify in the good animator folder in my eyes.
    By the way, thanks so much for your nice comments also. I know what a great deal of time my posts take to be soaked in fully, and I appreciate the nice gesture a whole lot.
    If I may know, and is not too imprudent of me, why do you not live with your family?college?
    Oh and I like your haircut.
    Bon appetite.


  2. Oh, I adore Snow White! It has to be one of my favourite movies ever!

    Your photos are so sweet.

  3. snow white and the hillary cinderela...sweet movies, i adore them both!!! whoaaaa, hello fancy stars...scrumptious much???? aaaw, you seemed like you did enjoy yourself very much, how lovely :)

  4. oh dear, i feel envious of your trip home with family.
    it sounds like you have had such a lovely lovely time away.

    the star treats look amazing.
    and a cinderella story is a favourite of mine.
    star wars reminds me of family times. and i miss my kitty, trixie~lu.

    your comment was amazing. it made me smile fairly huge.
    thank you so much!
    it would be wonderful to send things to you to. i think i would fill the whole of an a4 size envelope of glittery stars.

    x factor-oh poorly diana. i hope she stays to the very end, as i fear if she goes i cannot watch it anymore. everyone i like just goes and diana is my favourite, and was from the start, so if she goes. i may not even watch it next year.
    i may have to start voting for her now.

    you are the sweetest star i think i have ever seen.
    what uni do you go to? if you dont mind my asking.

  5. oh your weekend does sound marvellous! the homemade food is best of all, i should think, those star drink/biscuit/tart looks lovely. and your cat is adorable! so cute! little brothers are always so much fun, aren't they? yours looks like it.

    i imagine there were lots of tears, but not to worry, i'm sure you'll be going backk again soon! :D

    and you have a blogger boyfriend and new slippers and socks to keep you warm and cosy. what an excellent combination!! haha.

    thanks for your lovely comment, i love hearing people's opinion. i am always torn between whether i would want to be english or french... perhaps a mixture of the two! i love the french way of dressing and conversely the english attitude.

    and yes, kirsten is fabulous, as is her hair. i think i will try it tomorrow and see how it goes. it could be a big disaster. we'll see!

    i'm very tired, i think i'm off to bed now. hope you have/had a lovely day!


  6. I love that little story about your cat, very sweet. I also have an ironic cat named Cuddles, who is the most vicious animal you could ever meet!


  7. :) wow. bet that is an adorable place to live?
    christmas is 37 days away. i'm really sad. and i cannot wait. hence why i have finished pretty much my shopping for it.
    i go to nottingham trent uni. but live in kent, near the seaside. so far away. i might have to go home before christmastime.

    i actually want to send you an envelope of stars now. you know when you say something, and it's actually a really cool idea. or silly. i don't know.
    aw, that's so sad. about the stamps and your tooth fairy. maybe they were in the middle of a turn around. you know like a rota, and your tooth fairy was actually finishing her shift because her new babyfairy got delivered to her doorstep, so she couldn't come back to receive it. and your new tooth fairy didn't realise that you wrote.

    let's both indeed phone up for diana saturday. maybe only once this week as our purses can't afford it yet. plus my friend read in the paper that she's winning one to one. so we can smile loads.

    oh, and you are a star. a star with pretty hair who eats pretty star food and drinks star drinks.

    and awwww to the comment about me being an angel. i grinned and giggled at the same time.

  8. i am in love with this very cute post!!
    i love your star goodies!! yummy! :)

  9. what a wonderful bloggg!!
    thank you for the warm welcome, i just figured out how to respond:] but yes, shirley temple is SUCH a cutie. and i love your photography!! bbbbeautiful:]


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