Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Starry starry stars, wonderful books and new friends...

Such lovely new treats I have stumbled upon in the last few days!! The first one being this lovely rose my boyfriend picked for me (not from someones garden, dont worry!). I love it, its such a beautiful colour!!I also got these two little cuties!! They are mini hats that were on my innocent smoothies I bought, and they are just lovely. At the moment I am using them for finger tip warmers, but soon I will have made two new little friends to wear them on their tiny heads, to keep them nice and snuggley warm!!
I also stumbled upon this wonderful art book sale in stoke, and got three new ones to add to my ever growing collection!! One on Alexander Calder, one on Joan Miro, and one called Fresh Fruits, which is about fashion in Tokyo. I have been engrossed in them since yesterday morning, rotating which ones I read, so I'm getting through them in a jumbled up all at once mess, and I love it!!I thought I would also share with you my favourite outfit from Fresh Fruits. I just think the dress is so pretty, so fairytale like!!! I want to wear it and pretend to be a princess, from a far away land, surrounded by beautiful things and live happily ever after!!!
I am in a very starry starry mood lately. Partly inspired by the starry biscuit and drink that I had at the weekend. I think drinking and eating stars means that I have now been infected by starry-ness.Maybe I will turn into one great big star and be able to make peoples wishes come true!! What a lovely job that would be, full of peoples smiles :) Also the wonderfully lovely comments from the ever so sweet The Tea Drinking English Rose have filled my thoughts with sparkley stars all day long!! I think everyone around me today could tell I was feeling rather star inspired too :)I hope you all wish upon a star tonight and it brings you happiness and joy :) Sweet dreams lovely bloggers!!


  1. Ah, that rose is so beautiful.
    It's great that you documented it in photograph form, so you can look at it every day :)

  2. I had a teacher helping me at every step though (he was a perfectionist - books don't need to have straight lines! :@)

  3. Those knitted hatties, such loveliness! I must look out for them next time I buy and innocent smoothie...
    Lovely rose as well, velvety pink, gorgeous and so sweet of your boyfriend!

  4. Love your sweet blog, Rosie!
    About the small hats: i've bought some similar to those, and they supposed to be put on a boiled egg, to keep it warm. when i do the table on sunday mornings, with the hat on the eggs - i'm the happiest girl in the world! try it=)

  5. I just have to answer to you WONDERFUL comment!
    Of course I don't mind you linking me, i will actually link you as well=)
    I really am looking forward to the pictures, i'm sure they will be very sweet!I'm looking forward to be reading your blog, it is absolutely wonderful!

  6. hi, where is that dress from?? just adorable

  7. oh my goodness. i wore a sterry skirt today. so maybe it rubbed off on me too.
    oh you inspiration you!

    to be honest i am not too sure where stoke is. my geography is not that knowledgable wich is sad.kent is lovely in places. where did you go?

    oh my, i am positively sure that your presents would be very much appreciated! beautiful.

    i do want to send you an envelope of stars now. it is rather silly. but i really do want to.
    thank you for your wishes. i am now going to go to bed watching home alone for extra christmas spirit and happiness.

    to the boys thing... :( my boyfriend has hurt my heart now. and i very much love his heart. but i don't think he loves mine very much anymore. so that's why i really want him to call me to tell me loves it back loads.but we are no longer together.
    which is why i need to be brave and stop thinking about calling him. because that is bad. and i need to be happy for me now...oh and dear little tilly~rose.

    you are wonderful, and the cheery up message makes me happy. i may have to quote it and write that down and stick it on my wall to cheer me up. :)
    you are simply the most wonderfullest person that i have-never-met!
    and i cannot wait for futher chats.

    hugs forever. and i wish the moon would hurry with the moon houses so we can make the star headbands.

  8. ps. i wish for one of those hats for tilly~rose.

    i may hunt for one.

    pps. sorry for the 100000 word essay.

  9. Hi!
    I've just tagged you with an award on my blog :) Feel free to play along if you feel like it!

  10. sweet darling you have such wonderful boyfriend who gets you beautiful rose :)

  11. hey ! thanks for your comment :) dont be ashamed to dont understand french its normal ! i think im gonna do later an english translation for english people and other who just understand english ;)
    i ll come back soon !


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