Thursday, 20 November 2008

A lovely gift and stars in my hair

I was feeling rather inspired today to make something, and I couldnt decide what. Then I remebered something that The Tea Drinking English Rose said in one of her lovely comments to me!! So I have been busy making star headbands :)

First I made one with one great big huge star, just for fun!! Then I made one by sticking lots of little stars onto ribbon, so that I can wear it everyday!!

I also woke up to a very lovely suprise this morning!! A gift, from the wonderful much love, who makes the most delicate, pretty necklaces!! She had given me the Kreativ Blogger award!! How exciting, my first award!!

Thank you so much, my lovely!!

The rules are:
-List six things that make you happy
-Pass the award on to 6 more kreativ bloggers
-Link back to the person who gave you the award
-Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know

6 things that make me happy:

1. My little brothers drawings and notes he makes for me. I have a collection of small ones in my notebook. I also love the way he giggles uncontollably at our cat, for n
o reason at all!! (I know thats sort of two things, but they both are about my little brother!!)
2. Hugs and cuddles, especially ones from my family and my boyfriend.

(I found this image here. Me and my boyfriend have had to have so many big cuddles before I get on the train, like this one)

3. Listening to the rain on our conservatory roof at home.

(Image from flikr)

4. Drawing and making things
(Something I made last night- its the broken ballerina from my music box, with a new skirt/bottle, that is filled with glitter and sequins in water, so when you shake her she is all sparkley!!)

5. The magical feeling of fairy lights!!

(Image found from flikr)

6. Discovering new, wonderful places, people, art and inspirations!!

(Image from here)

Now I have the incredibly difficult task of deciding who to pass it on to, I wish it could be all of you!!
1.The very lovely .All Things British, who has such a pretty collection of clothes and trinkets.
The ever so sweet look for stars, who takes such lovely photographs.
3.The inspiring
capture the castle who always has such fascinating posts!
4.The truely wonderful The tea drinking english rose whose posts I coud read over and over again and they would never loose their charm and magicalness!!
5.The wonderfully girly
raspberry jam and maple syrrup who has the most adorable blog!!
6.The addictive wild keiki whose blog is always filled with wonderful things.

Now I'm going to wonder down to my local bakery as I feel like a walk and a sweet treat!! Sweet dreams to all of you until we speak again :)


  1. Thank you millions! Can't wait to do this :D
    Oooo and that star headband is rather lovely, such cuteness! It looks so lovely, and what a wonderful selection of inspiring pictures you have found, I love that one with the little girl running up the street...
    Thanks again!

  2. love the pictures, congrats for the award you really deserve it!!!

    thanks for see my blog!!!

  3. i love your blog! It's inspiring me to be more creative :)

  4. Thank you for doing the tag! Your answers are simply beautiful :)

    I love your star headband. I've been thinking of getting a plain headband and decorating it with buttons.

    Your red rose bracelet is gorgeous too. I adore it.

  5. you have indeed inspired me! I am making little animals from clay :)
    I have actually made this big collage for my yr 12 major work about childrens' imagination! I'll post it up when my camera batteries regain life. Maybe you will like it.

  6. that is a very cute red bracelet? is that a rose on it??

    regardless, it is adorable!

  7. adore your headband!!! how very creative of you dearest!!!aaaw, and million kisses for your award, i'm thrilled for you, really :) and lastly, all so wonderful images that you have pulled together, great job rosie :D

  8. oh rosie you are my star.

    i love that we both wore stars the other day without knowing.
    and i saw your post and quickly took a few my could fly to the moon together wearing eachother's star headbands. then i gave you a special star.
    so it is infact true that you are an inspiration.

    hehe. i'm only 4 fingertips away from you. that is so closeee!!

    please may i send you an envelope of stars? because you are a star of all stars. you are princess star. so ofcourse you deserve the gift of stars.


    thank you for the positive thoughts about silly boys.
    i will always talk to tilly~rose until i won't want to call him.
    and if she's softly softly asleep then i will talk to pig.
    thank you foreverness.

    it would have been beautiful to be blessed with such a best friend. drinking tea. making cakes. watching christmas movies. tilly~rose would be utterly over the moon if such beauty was real.

    in our daydream worlds, tilly~rose would wear a teeny knitted hats, like yours and we will wear star headbands that e have made from real stars. we will live in the moon houses when they finally make them. and we will drink star sprinkled cappuchinos and teas and milkshakes. and star shaped biscuits and bread.

    i adore your last image with the little girl and the trail of stars. just so perfect.

    and oh how i love your amazing comments that are so long and lovely. and cheery uppy!

    hugs foreverness rosie the star of all stars... princess star.


  9. oh. oh. and thank you for the beautiful award and lovely tag.

    i think i have done this tag, but i suppose i could get away with doing it again.


  10. Wow, what a creative idea, to create your own cute star headband. It is very cute.
    It does indeed make you seem rather as a star princess and a lovely one at that.

    Aw, I love it wen I see a couple like that, just hugging and being cuddely and cute with each other before the other one goes onto the train, such adorable images.

    well, while you love to draw and create things and I like it when you do so because your ideas are just so creative and cute, and the ballerina is an adorable cute littlt thing, with her new sparkley skirt.

    Oh and most defnitly,listening to the rain is very peaceful and calms me a lot. Very good feeling indeed.
    I am glad you are in such a upty mood. smiles!


  11. oh and how did you make the star haedband if I may know?

    Oh and before I forget, what a pretty bracelet with the red rose on it. You have such stylish and unique accesories and clothes, they are all so darling.

  12. your blog is so delightful. and I have a stack of Fruits cards that I found for 3 dirhams (a couple pennies!) at a book sale; and I absolutely love all of the imaginative and beautiful and quirky styles in it. Such a fun fashion isn't it?

  13. Sweet headband! I've tagged you dearie =)

  14. you deserved that star sweetheart!
    forever you ill have it. print it off and stick it to your heart so you remember always that you are and deserve it.

    i hope you made the angel wings yesterday as we could fly there tomorrow, or next week. because i adore your idea of playing and dancing and singing and sorts until we notice our houses are already built!
    ooh moon beds! they shall be crescent moon shaped, with special moon blankets and pillows. and sparkly they will be.

    our dreamworld is oh so precious to me, but sometimes i wish it would be so very very maybe real.
    maybe i should think of such precious wonder tonight before i dream, i think that would very much help me sleep. and then i can dream of special times on the moon. with princess star.

    today i grinned forever because you make me feel happy, which i have needed for a teeny bit now.
    you are a special person.. and i don't even see you in real life.

    i will email you, and then it would be lovely for you to email me back so i can send you your envelope.

    moon hugs straight back to starry-eyed princess star and tilly~rose sends snuggly moon nose-grazes.
    and she told me to give you one of her strawberry drops (i don't think she knows that we can't eat them)


    ps. i love your real name roseanne. and your teeny name rosie. and your princess name princess star.
    and i would love it if you called me lottie! how little i would feel... in a good way.

  15. Love your blog! THank you so so much for your comment about my gerbils... What a little sweetheart!
    Have a divine evening, dear.

  16. Ohh I love love love these images and I too want stars in my hair :)
    Btw I tagged you in my blog


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