Friday, 7 November 2008

Old photos and a suprise parcel

Although I am enjoying uni very much, I am feeling very homesick lately. So I have been looking through all the photo albums I brought with me and have devloped rather an obsession with old photographs. They just seem so much nicer than crisp, new, clear photos!! They seems so much more loved and interesting, like they tell a story. I find them very inspiring so they will become part of my uni work :) I thought I would share some with you:

This is a picture of my mum when she was 19, on holiday in Grece with my Dad. He proposed to her on this holiday!!

My mum and Dad when my mum was pregnant with me
My Christening cake, with my name and lots of butterflies on :)

A picture I took of my barbies :) I used to get them to pose then go mad with my dads camera!!

And finally... me!! In my little blue dress and shiney black boots, funny fringe and mini armchair!!

I received a lovely suprise in the post today!! My sweet Nan and Auntie had sent me 4 pairs of thick tights after mine and nans conversation on the hone last week about my cold legs :) That made my day!! :)

And last but definately in no way least, I just have to post this on here. Its my favourite thing at the moment!! Its a note my little brother who's 6 made me and illustrated for me when I came home to visit. Its a picture of me, my brother and my dad at the train station, and the writing says 'I was picking you up from the train' (however not spelt quite like that, but I love the way he spelt words by the sounds!!) Its just so sweet and lovely :) So here it is for all of you to see!!

Sweet dreams and have lovely weekends!! x


  1. what a lovely day you seem to have had! your letter from your brother is so sweet (mine is just like that too!) and the old photos are just amazing. old photos are so interesting to me. and all those tights! how fabulous! i am in definite need of some thick tights.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments :)

  3. oh my goodness
    oh my goodness
    oh my goodness
    that is the most sweetest picture in the world!

    thank you for your beautiful comments.
    your posts make me smile. especially this one.
    i'm adding you to my cute link list. xxx

  4. your blog is oh so very cute. i love what you wrote about yourself, your art practice sounds brilliant.
    wonderful photos. :)

  5. lovely photos :) i'm amused by your blog!!!

  6. i always love old photo and that artwork from ur brother is so sweet and cute!


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