Tuesday, 5 August 2014

30 weeks

Hello everyone! 

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant, and, as per usual, things haven't quite gone to plan recently! I expected to finish work at the end of term for the summer holidays then go straight into my maternity leave. I imagined my summer at home with Lily blogging, getting back into doing something creative and crafty and preparing for our little boy to arrive. However, with just two weeks to go, I had an incident at work with one of the students. For those who don't know, I work in a secondary school as a learning support assistant to special needs children, primarily boys aged 13-15. 

I obviously won't go into details, but I had quite an unpleasant and stressful incident with a student, resulting in a couple of days off work. People were advising me not to go back and to be signed off work but I was determined to finish the term. However, just a week later, I had yet another incident with a student which was rather traumatic and stressful again. Yet again, I had everyone telling me I should just be resting and taking care of myself and the baby, but despite it being a challenge, I love my job and wanted to finish the term for myself and the students I work so closely with. However,  after experiencing some pains and contractions, I began to bleed (sorry if tmi!) and had to go into hospital. After many, many tests and seeing many many doctors I was told I had been putting myself under too much strain and pressure and my body wasn't coping, and I needed to stop. I was told I am no longer allowed to bend, lift, or do any physical activity for any length of time and needed I just rest until baby arrives, otherwise I was at risk of going into labour early. This meant no work, no cleaning, no lifting Lily. Just simple things like if I'm cleaning I'm not allowed to get pans out of the bottom cupboard, I can't bath Lily because of the bending involved, I can't do washing because of bending to put the clothes in the washing machine. It's extremely frustrating! I've felt so much better this pregnancy than I did with Lily's, but I'm now able to do less. I didn't finish the term at work, and am spending most of my time at my parents house while David is at work so they can look after me and Lily and make sure I'm getting rest, and David has had to take on most of the chores around the house. I feel so useless and restricted! My pregnancy was quizzing by but it's all started to go an awful lot slower now. I cant wait to have my baby boy here in my arms and my body back so I can regain some independence. 

Other than those issues though, baby G is growing well and very healthy. You can now see my belly moving around as he wriggles, which Lily absolutely loves and finds so exciting! She is understanding so much more than I was expecting her to. She talks about her baby brother lots of comes over just to give my tummy a kiss or cuddle several times through the day. Is so lovely. I have a huge craving now too- for ice! I get such sudden strong urges to crunch on ice several times a day, is crazy! I have been eating so many ice pops and just ice cubes, which has been great in this heat. I've also been living citrus flavours and drinking Los of lemon and lime drinks, whereas usually I mainly only drink water, but I just don't enjoy water at the moment and find it gives me horrible heartburn when I do have any. 

We have almost finished Lily and her baby brothers bedroom now too, and I plan to blog about it as soon as we do! I'm also putting together a well overdue post about Lily and how much she has changed and grown up recently. I may try and do some maternity style/product review type posts too. What do you all think? I don't do much at the moment other than read books, take baths and watch films with Lilypops, so I've been a bit stuck for ideas of what to blog about!

Hopefully I'll have some interesting posts for you soon!


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  1. Bless you this all sounds very tough. I hope the next couple of months go smoothly. So excited to read all about him when he arrives :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx


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