Monday, 16 June 2014

Baby G no.2

Hello everyone!

I thought it was about time I wrote my pregnancy post! Fingers crossed Lily will let me finish it quickly.

We had decided while planning our wedding that sometime in the year following might be a good time to start trying for Baby G number 2. We did not expect that just 4 weeks into our marriage we would be seeing those two little lines on a test!! We got ourselves a little honeymoon baby and could not be more thrilled! 

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember how much I hated my first pregnancy. Vomiting several times a day every single day until 16 weeks, severe anaemia and fainting from 20 weeks, PUPs pregnancy rash making my bump burn and itch like crazy, then the return of the sickness from week 30 alongside acne and uncontrollable greasy hair followed by a 6 day labour all resulted in a stressful, exhausting and all round horrible experience. I really thought I'd never do it again, but of course, how head over heels in love we fell for Lily made me change my tune. However, it still caused mixed emotions when I discovered I was pregnant. I was torn between being incredibly excited to be growing our family and terrified about putting my body through it all again for 9 months.

Luckily, this pregnancy has been a completely different experience! I still got morning sickness, but not so constant and severe. I was able to keep some food down and control it to a certain extent. It still wasn't pleasant, but compared to last time so much better and was gone completely by 12 weeks! So far, touch wood, no anaemia either so I haven't had the exhaustion and fainting that came with that. My skin is better than normal and my hair shinier and cleaner for longer which is amazing! The only symptom that has been worse than my pregnancy with Lily is my hormones. I cry at EVERYTHING! All the time! Lily, bless her, can't watch any films since I've been pregnant without having me a sobbing wreck on the sofa next to her. Dumbo, Tangled, Frozen, The Heffalump Movie- literally anything reduces me to a blubbering wreck, no matter how many times we watch it! 

Because of this pregnancy being so different, it definitely was not a shock when we discovered that our newest addition was a little baby boy!! And we are SO excited! I cannot wait to meet our little man, and introduce Lily to her baby brother. She has some understanding of what's going on- she strokes my tummy and feels his kicks and talks to her baby brother. She tells people mummy has as 'tumbley baby' and tries to share her toys and food with my bump! It is adorable. I have a feeling she is going to make a pretty wonderful big sister. 

I am now 2 days away from being 24 weeks. Time is flying by but I do want to start more regular bump updates and maybe do some baby boy hauls too! Is there anything else you'd like to see baby related on the blog?



  1. Aw yey!! Ive been waiting for this post and its fab to hear how much better this time around is treating you.
    A huge congratulations to all three of you on baby boy!
    Wishing you the best of health.
    - Danielle x

  2. Congratulations to you three for the baby boy!
    As a big sister to two younger brothers I can tell you that siblinghood (is that even a word?) has been a blast =). I wish Lily the same, and I'm sure she'll make a wonderful big sister!


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