Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Engagement shoot

roseanne and dave-1

roseanne and dave-2

roseanne and dave-4 roseanne and dave-6 

roseanne and dave-10 roseanne and dave-12 roseanne and dave-13 roseanne and dave-17 roseanne and dave-19 roseanne and dave-20 roseanne and dave-23 roseanne and dave-26 roseanne and dave-29 roseanne and dave-30 roseanne and dave-33roseanne and dave-34 roseanne and dave-36 roseanne and dave-37

roseanne and dave-39

I suddenly realised yesterday I have no pictures from our engagement shoot on my blog- I can't believe I forgot to share these with you!! These are some of my favourite pictures from our engagement shoot we had back in September. Our photographer Noel was wonderful and is an absolute genius- I'm so happy we managed to get him for our wedding! We had such a fun day, paddling in rivers and climbing through bushes and up steep slopes together to get to the right position for the perfect shot! Neither of us a are very comfortable in front of the camera but Noel made it really enjoyable. Make sure you go take a look at his other work, some of the weddings he's shot are stunning!                                                                                                         xo


  1. oh, these are just too lovely! You look beautiful and David looks handsome and you too look so sweet together xxx

  2. Gosh! You are sooo beautiful! I adore these. You both look lovely and in love and just perfect!
    Tonnes of Love

  3. These pictures are wonderful! xxx

  4. wow nice engagement photography. Latest wedding planner iphone apps are providing tips to take a wonderful wedding photographs.

  5. These are lovely laid back photos - excellent quality as well!

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog


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