Thursday, 7 November 2013

My DUO Love Story // Winter Romance


1. Zara coat // 2. H&M shirt // 3. ASOS knitted tights // 4. Etsy earrings // 5. DUO Capri boots // 6. Boohoo dress // 7. Cambridge Satchel Company satchel

It's not very often a company will approach me with an idea that I immediately want to be involved in. Whether it's due to bloggers block, me not feeling I am good enough to do their product justice or it doesn't fit in with my blog, I find myself politely declining opportunities more often than not because it just doesn't quite feel right. However, when DUO contacted me recently asking me if I would like to take part in their DUO Love Story competition,  it was one of those rare and wonderful times it did feel right. Very right.  They wrote to me talking of winter, romance and shoes and my imagination was immediately captured!

Winter has always been my favourite time of year. Mornings sparkling with frost, mittened hands clinging to mugs of hot chocolate, those first steps onto freshly fallen snow- the whole season is just so romantic! When DUO asked what my favourite love story is, I knew my answer without any hesitation. It has to be Beauty and the Beast! Since I was a little girl, it has always been my all time favourite Disney movie and love story. I longed to be Belle. As the book loving, daydreaming, brave and caring Disney princess, she was always my favourite. Remember at the beginning of the movie, she is dressed fairly plain, unaware of her beauty, spending all her time reading? Then bravely sacrificing herself, going to live with the Beast, just to save her father? How can you not love her?! I love how she isn't scared to tell the Beast off when he needs it, but her caring nature also means she looks after him when he needs it too, and in the end she finds herself seeing a different side to him, a gentler side, and they fall in love. She doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks, she can see past his exterior and stands by him. 

Now, I'm not calling David a Beast, but while we were at school together, for a long time, I did not like him at all! I thought he was cocky, immature and annoying. I couldn't stand him. Most of my friends felt the same way. When he started liking me, and pursuing me, I was horrified, and found the whole situation completely irritating! He insisted on walking me home everyday, but I found the more we talked, the more I spent time with him away from everyone else, the more I got to know him and I started to like him too. Everyone thought it was a bad idea, that we shouldn't be together, but I didn't care. I felt like I'd got to know the real David. On the way back home from our first 'date' (we were 15 years old, and it consisted of walking around the shops and stopping for a McDonalds!), it began to snow. David gave me his jacket and wrapped an arm around me to keep me warm. Walking through the snow with him that night is one of my favourite memories of when we first got together. I was so happy. He told me on that walk he was going to marry me one day, and we had our first kiss. Now here we are, almost 8 years later, a month away from our wedding day. A winter wedding just seemed perfect for us. A wedding in a grand old house with lots of cosy little rooms, where, with our closest friends and family, we can sip mulled wine and hot chocolates by big open fires, enjoy a roast dinner and mince pies, and dance the night away. It is going to be unintentionally very much Beauty and the Beast style! 

For our honeymoon, we're having a few days in a hotel in Warwickshire. It's another grand old house, set in 17 achres of beautiful land. I can see us having lots of romantic walks, and if we are very lucky, perhaps with a dusting of snow! Walks in the snow always remind me of that first date we had, and my very favourite scene from beauty and the beast. You remember this one? So very romantic, with the snow and the beautiful gardens and Belles cape with the fur trim. I have put together an outfit that I think is very modern day Belle, and would be perfect to wear on our honeymoon. Pretty and feminine while still being practical and cosy. The blue pinafore, white shirt with an adorable collar, the luxurious fur hood, cosy tights, teeny roses, a satchel (how else would Belle carry around her books?!), and how gorgeous are those boots??! I have completely fallen head over heels in love with them. They look ridiculously warm and comfortable, while still being so stylish, and the heel keeps them looking feminine. I am usually a little nervous to buy shoes online, as I am one of those awkward people who have feet that fit right in the middle of two sizes, but the wonderful thing about DUO is the shoes are all tailored to fit you. I would absolutely love to wear these boots in the first few days as David's wife!
What's you're favourite love story? I would love to hear!


  1. All these items are lovely! The coat is gorgeous and I love the bag! :)

  2. this is so sweet, love hearing stories of how people got together! <3 that would be a lovely outfit too!xx

  3. Me and my man are exactly the same, we went to school together but we both thought eachother were freaks but it happened on my 16th birthday! And now that annoying boy is my carer, we're trying to find our own place and we're getting married in 2 years :) my love story would have to be sleeping beauty 'cos as soon as we got together i got ill and he sang me to sleep every night :,)

  4. Oh Rosie! This is absolutely beautiful!
    I loved everything about reading this. Your perfect Belle-esque outfit to your wonderful real life love story. How funny that you didn't like him at first! Hehe.
    I love! Your honeymoon sounds perfect!


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