Sunday, 14 July 2013


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Hello everyone! It has been so long again! I have been so desperate to blog over the past few weeks, but life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. I have been so busy this past month. The wedding planning is suddenly getting very serious as we have only 5 months to go now, and I've had the end of year exams at work, and Lily is getting more and more active, and technology hasn't been my friend- but I've finally had a fairly quiet Sunday, and time to pay some attention to my blog!

Sorry for such a picture heavy post, but I'm trying to catch up then (hopefully) resume regular blogging as normal again. Life lately between working, housework, and wedding planning, has involved family trips to parks and rivers with Lily and our nieces and nephews, trips to London, silliness with Lily (her new game is putting her toy balls up her sleeves!), little Laura Ashley shopping trips, reading in Lily's book corner, enjoying my parents new garden, buying cute lamps, having gel nails done by my sister now she is a qualified beauty therapist, Lily being all grown up and getting her first toy baby and buggy, and eating lots of yummy food in the garden in this gorgeous weather we've been having!

As you can see, I have also redesigned and renamed the blog! I have never had a blog name I've been happy with. It started as Rosie Posie Rosie which I never liked, but was playing around on blogger not really knowing what I was doing when I started and never expected my blog to come this far and be so important to me! Then I changed it to just Rosie but really wanted to come up with a proper name for it. Peppermint Rosie has been a name I've been considering for very long time now but was worried I would change my mind and be unhappy again. But as I've liked it for so long, I've decided to take the plunge and finally do it! I am also looking into getting a custom domain, so I will let you know if and when that happens. I'd love to know what you all think! I was a little nervous about making the change.

The name peppermint Rosie comes from my addiction to peppermint tea, my love of peppermint creams and mint being my favourite colour. I do hope you all like it!

♥ x


  1. I am the biggest fan of peppermint ever so liking the new name :) Lily really is growing so fast! She is super duper cute though :) xx

  2. Amazing photography and such a cute cat!! :)

  3. I love the name! What I'm not too fond of however is how grown up Lily is looking! It's scary! She is a proper little girl now and no longer a little bubba! Eek! I adore her outfits and little pony tails. Too much cuteness!!


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