Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas wishlist


I have been doing lots of browsing online recently for gift idea's, and may have ended up putting together my own little wishlist of things I'd like for Christmas! Oops! But here it is, and if David/ Mum / Santa are reading this, I would be very happy to find any of these in my stocking! In fact, I went a step further, and may have ordered those boots already! But my feet were cold, and they are very pretty, so that justifies it, right?? 

How adorable is the bunny watch?! The bunny's chase the little carrot around the watch too! Ridiculously cute. And the GHD's. Sigh. I had GHD's years ago. I am cursed with a thick, frizzy, uncontrollable mane of hair, and was amazed at the age of 13 when my mum treated me to a trip to Toni & Guy, and my hair was so beautifully sleek and smooth after they used these on it! I then spent 7 months saving up my pocket money to buy my own pair and loved them so much. But 2 years ago they broke, and since then I've been trying cheaper straighteners hoping they would do the same. Most have been ok, but they're never as good as GHD's, so I think the time has come to invest again!

What goodies are on your Christmas lists?

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  1. I love the new blog design! Super sweet & simple! I love the pictures of Lily in the last post! She is super cute!

    I Love that watch above! I'm hoping for Lush goodies! xx


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