Thursday, 1 November 2012

Incey Wincey Spider

Happy Halloween for yesterday lovelies!!

 We had a lovely day. I made creepy crawley cupcakes, caramelised pumpkin seeds & pumpkin soup which were all very scrummy! And David & I both carved a pumpkin each-- mine is the slightly goofy looking smaller one, and Davids is the big menacing looking one! 

But the best part about the day was our little incey wincey spider! I bought the spider costume last Halloween when I was pregnant so have been waiting a very long time to see Lily in it, and I think she made a rather adorable spider! She was so excited to be wearing the costume I didn't manage to get one picture that wasn't blurry of her! She was bouncing and giggling and waving her arms the whole time she was in it, it was so cute :) She even did a little bit of trick or treating with her Uncle Ollie who took her to a few neighbours houses, and got some chocolate buttons and sponge fingers which she loved a lot! 

I didn't dress up in the end. My day was spent either in the kitchen making yummy Halloween treats or laughing at Lily trying to decide which of her 8 feet to chew on next & attempting to take clear pictures of her, otherwise I was planning on doing a very simple, last minute skeleton costume. Maybe next year I will be a bit more organised!

Did you dress up for Halloween? Did you do anything to celebrate?

x ♥


  1. Your cupcakes look so good! And Lily looks absolutely gorgeous, what a cutie! xx

  2. Aww I love these photos, the cupcakes look cute yet yummy :) Lily looks adorable in her costume :)


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  4. oh, so lovely photos again! thanks so much for your kind response, i didnt know its called button swap haha:D ive already placed your icon in my sidebar, thanks again for placing mine!*


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