Thursday, 16 February 2012


I'm 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Full term. Baby Lily is fully cooked!! It is so close to her arrival now. I'm getting nervous, but so excited, and a little impatient. I feel huge, uncomfortable and My clothes are all getting far too small, including my maternity clothes. But it won't be long now!

My days are mainly spent organising all of her things (there are a LOT!! For something so small, babies need so much stuff!) into drawers, then rearranging them, then finding new places to keep them, then changing my mind, and then realising we're missing something she needs, then worrying about something, then getting excited, then emotional. In between all this I will be doing other bits of tidying, hoovering and cleaning, maybe having a few contractions or experiencing some kind of new pain that I have to look up. Basically, I am well and truly nesting! I want everything to be perfect and spotless and organised for her arrival!

Then my nights are spent not sleeping very much, and reading a lot. Its tricky to get comfortable when you are the size of an elephant and experiencing all sorts of aches and pains!

I have some things planned though to that I want to do before she comes and I have no time to do anything for myself at all. I want to make some more jewelry and just spend some time in my studio making things just for the fun of it, I want to do some cooking and baking, and I want to have a few nights giving myself facials and hair treatments and long baths while I still have the time!

How was everybody's valentines day? As my David and I didn't get to see each other, we just spent a while on skype. But maybe when he is here next week we will watch a good film, or I may cook something special :)

x ♥


  1. Ooh, this is so exciting Rosie, I love that she's 'fully cooked'. She'll going to be so so precious <3

  2. eeeeee... rosie!!! your lovely tum!
    so very huge!
    i bet little lily cannot wait to come out and give you a huge squeeze. and vice versa!

    ohhh, i am so happy for you!
    big pregnant hugs for you!

  3. Oh my goodness! Congratulations, you look beautiful! xx

    The Londoner

  4. Ah, I'm excited! I hope she arrives soon! :)
    Her little nursery is too cute ♥
    I hope you get everything you want accomplished before her arrival!

    xx♥ Abby

  5. Eeek. How exciting. I bet you can't wait now. I still think you look fab xx


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