Wednesday, 15 June 2011

one hundred

Finally writing post number 100!!! although it isn't what I promised- sorry!! no giveaway yet. I've had such a busy few weeks and I'm not quite ready, but in the next few weeks there should be one. Without sounding cheesy, thank you so much to all of your for reading my blog!! I know I'm an absolutely rubbish blogger, as uni and a job with long hours has made posting difficult, rare and a bit all over the place. So for those of you who have stuck with me, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finished university!!!  wow, it feels weird writing that. It still hasn't sunk in yet. my work for the degree show was one of my animations of my stick man and dog, projected onto the open lid of an old fashioned school desk. It was all about childhood and memory, and forgetting memories ect, and was in a tiny little space in the exhibition. I wasn't 100% happy with it if I'm honest, but I've had good feedback from other people. And one of my external examiners was Mariele Neudecker, which was amazing!! I had to be interviewed by her for my assessment, and was nervous, especially when the girl before me came out crying!! but she was so lovely, and told me my work was beautiful and even gave me some contacts she thought i should get in touch with for galleries she thought would be interested in my work!! it was amazing!! 

I have been doing lots of celebrating with friends and family, and have been completely spoilt too. My mother bought me some new pretty dresses, one with a starry skirt, and one with cat print all over. My Nan bought me a lovely wooden necklace with a triangle pattern sewed into it, and David bought me some beautiful flowers, wine and fudge!

I also recieved a wonderful package from Lyzi over at being little after winning her giveaway!! I was so excited :) I got so many amazing goodies!! I received a print of her beautiful mizu no kokoro painting, one of her really cute sewn kitties, a recipe for raspberry lemonade, some really pretty cupcake cases, a headscarf, some lovely jewelry by ella masters and a 'knit your own ninja' kit!! I finished the ninja last night, and love it!! My David tried to steal it from me he liked it so much :) If you haven't visited Lyzi's blog before, go do it now!!! She is very talented and her blog is one of my favourites!

we have had some bad news though this month. Archie, our kitten, is missing. He's been missing for a week and a half now, and it is awful without him. we are keeping everything crossed that he will turn up soon, but we do miss him. As does Alfie. It's just not right having Alfie without Archie!! Archie is quite silly, and likes to wander into neighbors houses, and get himself into strange places, so our guess is he's been accidently locked in somewhere. But we are desperate to have him back. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone who reads this is in the Reading area, have you seen a black cat with a blue collar wandering about anywhere?? or know of one thats been found?? we miss him :(

since finishing uni. I have been busy trying to set up my own little business. It's very scary and daunting at the moment!! I have been working really hard too produce lot so things to start selling, such as the sewn animals, little woven bracelets, and miniature jars with little sewn characters inside, which will become pendants! Hopefully my shop will be up and ready soon. Once it is, I will have that giveaway I promised. My parents are also building my studio in the garden this weekend, which is so exciting!! I will be in there next week decorating and can't wait!! I have also filled the time with some day trips out to farms and castles, painting my nails bright colours,   drawing and cooking lots, and watching lots of rubbish TV!!  

Also, now I've finished uni and my job in the student bar, I will blogging LOTS more!! I'm hoping to blog at least once a week now, I've been waiting so long to be able to blog properly! It also means you won't have to read huge long posts like this where I try to squeeze a million things into one post!! I've been trying to comment on some of your lovely blog posts I've read and reply to you all, but blogger won't let me comment??! hopefully that will be fixed soon!

take care

x ♥


  1. I know I haven't been commenting too much on your posts, but I love your blog and your art :) I am sure you will be a wonderful artist! (well you already are)

    As for Archie, I don't live in England, but I wish and wish that he comes back to you in the best condition. I know what it is like to have a cat missing for such a long time. One of our cats had the habit of being on his trips for weeks during summers, but unfortunately that's what they boys do :).

  2. I really hope you find your kitty soon, I know how horrid it feels when you don't know where they are. I hope he turns up soon xx

  3. i lOVE your dress! little kitties are the cutest!

  4. This is such a lovely post! Firstly, yay for finishing uni and all the lovely treasures you received, and for winning the giveaway :) But also I really hope you find little Archie soon :( *hugs* I'm sure your shop will be amazing, can't wait to see :) xx

  5. Sorry it's taken me a few days to look at this! Amazing! Well done on finishing uni, and good luck with your little shop. I need to do the same. Really glad you liked your prize, and the ninja looks great!
    Sorry to hear about your cat :( I hope he comes back soon.


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