Monday, 18 April 2011


hello lovelies!! how are you all? I have been away so long again! busy busy times. lots has happened. I was poorly for a while, which was horrible as it put a stop to most of my work for a week. but I passed the time with little spurts of creative makes, and read lots, particularly oh comely magazine, my new favourite!

the start of spring has been so lovely, the weather has been amazing. pretty flowers have been popping up in the garden. I have ben buying little things for my spring wardrobe. pretty tops with unicorns and pastel colours, sandals, necklaces with dears on, mint coloured rings. I have been to concerts in the park with dancing and fireworks, I have been to alton towers. I went to the O2 to see peter kay on tour and laughed so hard I cried and my tummy hurt. I have a new baby niece!! Well, it is Davids sisters baby, but I am so close to his family and have been part of their family for so long I consider his nieces and nephews my own. They call me auntie Rosie! The new addition is beautiful and so tiny, only 6lb. I have had film nights with friends, film nights with my David. Cookie dough ice cream. chinese food. I went to my summer ball at university, which was an amazing night with lots of dancing, live music and fairground rides. 

It was Davids 21st birthday too, which we celebrated with cheesecake and a yummy dinner and watching lots and lots of DVDs. and I got him a special present. Meet Lenny and Bruce, our new rats!!

They are lovely!! I realise a lot of you may squirm at the thought of rats, but ours are adorable and silly and cute!

But, as usual, most of my time has been taken up with work. But only a month and a little to go and I have finished university. eek!! 
I did a test of the idea I have for my final exhibition. I made a little animation based around a little stick man, and projected this onto a piece of paper on a desk, so it looked like a drawing had come to life. The work is based around childhood, children's imaginations, and growing up and losing childhood. I didn't like the desk though, and the animation needs improving. But I have managed to get an old fashioned school desk that I'm going to use for my final exhibition instead. Im very very nervous!!

How are you all?? I am home for my easter break now, its lovely to be back. are any of you doing anything nice for easter? and the royal wedding!! Im so excited! are any of you having street parties?

x ♥


  1. You are absolutely adorable, dearie. x

  2. oh how exciting you're nearly finished university.. im nearly finished high school and after im jumping on a plane and going to Thailand for a year :) your days seem full of wonderfulness and lots of congratulations on being an auntie. lovely photos. much love, sam ♥


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