Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I am having such a wonderful start to my summer. walks to the lake to feed the ducks and baby geese, holding hands with my David. Spending evenings watching films and eating home made treats. Brwonies and fudge, pancakes and pies. Nutella on toast and chocolate milk. lots of cups of tea. Twilight reading. Goodness!!!! My friend let me borrow her books as she was so utterly shocked I had not read them. I have read the first two, I am now about to start the third. I am in love love love ♥ I shall have to watch the films also!!

And I adopre having time to make artwork that is just for me, not for grades or tutors. Having time to fill sketchbooks with collages and drawings. I have been doing lots of drawings lately. This weekend I drew my poppy-pops...

And then I drew her friend, Charlottes little tilly~rose

And next week, father shall pick me and my Poppy up and take us home for summer. I cannot wait ♥
Being home also means time to reply to all of you lovelies. here we still have no internet in the house with the mint green front door. So I have to make trips to the library to update my little diary. So lots more writing to you starting next week!!

love x ♥


  1. certainly seems as though you are having the most glorious time, lovely fairy!
    the drawings of tilly-rose and poppy are the most darling things, i adore them. I hope your summer continues to be lovely.
    minna <3

  2. yes I'm glad you can draw whenever & whatever you want now!
    you should live in the country on a farm with a little bond with duckies and all of the little animals you love. it would be perfect for you!
    i'm glad you get to go home-i know how much you love to!

  3. rosie my darling i adore your new blog layout!! it looks more sparkly and lovely than ever ♥
    you seem to have been getting u to the most amazing things. i am happy you are enjoying the beginning of summer. beautiful hamster drawings by the way, i am in love with your blog more than ever now ♥ xx

  4. Dear Rosie, this post is lovely as always. Your photos and artwork is all so pretty <3 And, your summer so far sounds so lovely. Also, I just thought that I'd let you know that I have changed my blog link to (I was previously the sea ghost). I was wondering if you could change the link on your blog list, sorry to be a bother! Much Love from Suzannah <3 xxx

  5. rosie dear,
    such a lovely way to spend your summer! you are so very lucky to have little ducky friends and your david to hold hands with. and such adorable creations you make. ♥
    ps. i'm a little in love with your sandals.

  6. this is such a lovely and happy post! x

  7. I love your blog, your drawings, everything. It's perfect. I'm following, i need to see more. x

  8. looks like a lovely day.

  9. I can't say I agree with your opinion on Twilight, but I do adore the way your summer looks. Fingers crossed mine will turn out just as wonderfully! Oh and your drawings are delightful as well!

  10. the lost the 2nd and the 3rd picture the most ; so beautiful . sounds like you're having a lovely time ! :D

  11. oh oh tilly~rose she will love that!!!
    how cute cute cute of you dear rosie roses!
    did you get your faery post? i'm not sure if i could remember whether or not you had told me this already!
    i am losing my dear little marbles!

    i miss you and poppy.

  12. What a pretty post...the mousies are so adorable :)

  13. Gosh, I swear you are the loveliest soul.
    lovely words and tiny mice; ♥


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