Tuesday, 16 March 2010

spring has sprung!!

my little owl purse is now completely empty and sad. but i hope that after lots of work work work and some saving, i can collect lots of coins, and perhaps when i have enough, i will be able to buy...

♥ some easter eggs as gifts for friends and family, with colourful foil wrappers tied with ribbons reminding us that spring is here!!

♥ a trip to the zoo

♥ some new pretty clothes for summer. I have fallen in love with Emma Watsons people tree clothing. so pretty and simple!

♥ a little holiday, perhaps to the isle of wight

♥ some supplies so i can start making more pretty things for the shop!

♥ train faire to visit galleries

♥ tickets for a festival, so i can wear my starry wellington boots and see some of my favourite people who make lovely music 

my time has been filled with planning for test exhibition, making, painting, glueing, cutting, drawing, painting, putting up, taking down, getting ready for the real exhibition, painting my nails mint green, lunch with friends, research in the library, sending mothers day suprises, worrying about deadlines, working, wishing for summer and excitement over easter

my latest work has been with teeny tiny blue dollshouses and teeny tiny people. It was in a little exhibition the other day, and i took a few pictures :)

thank you so much for your kind words on my last post! I do not get the chance to go on here very often as I have to use university computers, so i was shocked at how many of you had said so many wonderful things. I want to get back to all of you to thank you, and i will try very hard to eventually. You all made me smile lots!!

How are all of you?? 

♥ x


  1. funny how great souls think alike. hehhe. i have been wanting to go on a train or visit the zoo this spring as well. hope you have a wonderful day my lady

  2. Hello Rosie.
    When I logged onto blogger, I was so so so excited to see you had made a new post! :)
    Those tiny little dollhouses are so cute!
    I'm very excited for Easter as well so I can paint eggs; I find that so fun.

  3. WOW those little dollhouses are absolutely precious. Could you tell us how you made them?

  4. those little houses are adorable, i wish i could find a "drink me" bottle and shrink down to the smallest size and sit down in such a beautiful house.

  5. oh i've missed your sweet posts so much :) i love festivals.. i too need to save up some pennies to buy pretty things this summer. :) xoxo

  6. Deer Rosie, the teeny tiny dollhouses and teeny tiny people are amazing, they certainly deserve to be in an exhibition. I hope you get all the gold coins you need. x

  7. I love spring! :) if you get a chance, check out my blog at www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com/ Thank you :)

  8. rosie your little dollshouses are amazing. when i was younger id always dream of owning a dollhouse to arrange the miniature people to have tea around a little miniature table. the list is lovely; summer summer summer oh i can't wait. hope you are well. much love, samantha ♥

  9. your blog is so whimsical! :) so cute!

    your new wardrobe looks fab, start saving and soon you'll be able to buy tons more! hehe!


  10. you have such a cute lil blog!!

    xo tiffany

  11. oh wow those houses look so cute and lovely! I'm really into houses right now and anything miniature is always good in my opinion.
    I wish I could see them in real life so I could peer inside the lives of little house inhabitants!

  12. oh, I recognised Emma's collection almost at once! I loved that dress also, and the stripy red and white one...but most of all, I fell in love with the photos in the catalogue ♥


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