Monday, 15 February 2010

lots and lots... ♥

There is so much to tell you!! I think this shall be a long post...

Me and my dearest David visited the peak district. It was beautiful, so stunning. We drove through the prettiest sights and visited a garden centre and a little market and had a lovely warming pub lunch. We will definitely be visiting again, it was wonderful!!

Little things that have been making me happy are visits home to see a photo of me and David and Poppy on mother and fathers fire place next to the peter rabbit ornament, playing games with my little brother, driving back to uni with my love in our new car, buying pretty owl necklaces, eating chocolate caramel bunnies, receiving a lovely post from charlotte, and putting pictures of my family on the wall with little pegs and ribbons. 

and I have been working lots in the studios, mainly with little railway figures in jars. But also trying to find inspiration from some lovely objects found ion charity shops and antique fairs recently. A childs microscope from the 50's in the box it was first posted in, a prayer book from 1927 given from a girl to her father with a little message inside, and a handmade recipe book with handwritten messages.

did you all have a lovely valentines day?? my David and I couldn't afford much this year, so I cooked steak and chips and baked a chocolate cake and we watched films together. quiet and cosy!

ooh and i also have an exciting project coming up! I am going to work at a primary school and give them a few art lessons! which will be lovely, although im a little bit nervous.

thank you again for the wonderful comments you leave me, it means a lot. I have been wondering whether o not I should show some of the artwork I finished recently, and I have decided I will, although I am still a little insecure about my work and get shy showing people. But I have to get better. so here is a few pictures of my most recent work. Railway figures in jars. Inside each jar is a little scene based on my memories with my grandparents. I used railway figures because my grandfather was a model railway enthusiast and the jars represent my wish to preserve the memories I have with my grandparents. I hope you dont think its too silly!!

x ♥


  1. this all looks and sounds so lovely; you've collected so many beautiful treasures that seem to carry so much magic and secrets inside of them!
    i'm so very happy you had a sweet and cosy valentine's <3


  2. oh, you are so very lucky indeed. it sounds truly magical. <3

  3. I am very much in love with your artwork, it's all so precious and lovely.

  4. Your are lovely lovely lovely.
    Your valentines day sounds lovely - you don't need to spend loads of money to have something special.
    Your artwork is very original too. Best of luck ta the primary school - I'm sure they'll love you. x

  5. I love the jars.
    How do you fix them?

  6. i love the jars! so detailed!
    by the way, your photos are so beautiful, almost ghostly. very pretty blog!

  7. rosie you are just so lovely. your artwork is so beautiful, please don't be insecure about it. im glad you had a good valentines, it sound perfect.

  8. Did you make all of those miniatures?

    Good gracious they are just so wonderful!

    Why didn't I follow your blog before? Hmm I should, now!!
    And congratulation for your sweet relationship! Oh I envy you:)

  9. Dear Rosie, it sounds like you've had a marvellous time! Your artwork is absolutely amazing, a beautifully presented concept. There is something very gentle and emotive in those little scenes captured in glass jars. Good luck with your teaching. ♥

  10. oh your artwork is beautiful-not at all silly! congratulations on your job,i'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.

  11. How sweet! Sounds so lovely, those caramel bunnies are to die for too! Have you tried the malteaser ones? Even better! check out my blog if you get a second sweets :)

  12. this photos are so magical!

    Thank you for your comment, sweetie. I have missed you :) I hope you will submit something for my Much Love Monday too! You always take such sweet photos.


  13. Hi!
    Your blog is so wonderful!!
    I love everything you post!
    Thank you for sharing true Beauty with us.

  14. Hi, I must say that your blog makes my heart warm. Since there was no contact info I'll just write it here, and hope you have the time to read.

    I am asking you, as your humble servant, to allow me to post a link to your blog on my own blog. It would lighten my day considerably. And therefore a beg you to say yes.

    If not, I'll continue to roam forever and ever, never resting. In the end I'll die as a star so little that no one on earth can see it.

    Thank you,

  15. Hello, I just discovered your blog.
    And I must say I think it's wonderful. Each post is filled with such life, and I love the pictures you post; they are all so cute. You seem to like little trinkets, as I do as well.
    Post more of your work, I love it.
    I think it's original, and I love how you incorporate your art into jars.

  16. your blog is so beautiful!

    you are truly a talented photographer!


  17. don't be ashamed of your art , it's beautiful !


  18. rosie, did you know that you are all kinds of wonderful? you are. you truly are. <3

  19. such a pretty post. and it sounds like you've been doing wonderful. i just adore all these pictures. enjoy the rest of your week. xx

  20. this is a beautiful post!
    your memory jars are absolutely lovely and sweet and nostalgic.
    you are so charming :)

  21. Hello! I've just stopped by for the first time, and I utterly love your style and your words.

    You are the loveliest!


  22. It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time lately! I really adore those railway figures, they seem to exist so peacefully in their jars, safe from the bitter winter outside. x

  23. Hello dearest,

    I's been such a long time... :(

    This is an amazing post, so full of LOVE!

    I hope you're well, dear.


  24. aww, peter rabbit and stuff, it#s all so cute.

  25. Lovely post!!I havent been to the peak district since i was a child id love to go back its so pretty :)
    vicki x

  26. all the things you right down, those look very beautiful. and nothing happened silly there !

    love your blog :)
    you're such a lovely girl and very inspiring.

  27. those jars are so cute! I love them xx

  28. your photos are thoroughly beautiful! that sounded like a very beautiful valentines - quiet and cosy. xx

  29. what an amazingly lovely art display! so precious to preserve those thoughts, emotions & moments!!! so many beautiful things!

    sparkly, starry-eyed wishes!!!


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