Tuesday, 13 October 2009

sleepy eyes and candle light

I wish for a pensive, just like Dumbledores. My mind is ever so full. I wish to take my ivory wand and remove all of  my silvery thoughts and dreams and ideas and memories and keep each one in its own little vial. And then I could organise them and label them and use the pensieve to step into them, whenever i wished.
instead i will tap tap at the keyboard so they can spill out onto into this little world, and hopefully make sense to all of you dears.

I have been working and working and working ever such a lot. In the morning i go to my studio and try to make some of my art, or i dash to the library and learn about wonderful artists who inspire and enchant.
And in the evenings i cook for my and my dearest, all sorts of meals from my recipe books. i adore cooking. 
And then as the clock goes tick tock ad strikes the time i should really snuggle down under the covers with warm, sweet milk and a lovely book... off i dash to work. It is rather horrible that i must go at this time. out into the dark. but i must earn pennies.
at work i feel like a cinderella of sorts, except instead of ugly stepsisters i have to wait on students. students who grow sillier and louder with each drink. i have to make drinks, and serve food, and collect the glasses, and collect the plates, and wash it all up, and clean the tables, and sweep the floors, and then make drinks, and serve food, and collect the glasses, and collect the plates....
over and over...
round and round in circles....
midnight comes and goes. and i am still rushing around and around.
and i must continue rushing until the early hours of the morning, when my dearest comes to collect me, offering chocolate and tea for comfort. 

I feel as though i am in a half sleep a lot of the time at the moment. my mind wanders into dreams more than usual, my legs are tired, my eyes weary. i can feel my eyelids wishing to close, growing heavier and heavier.
but in stolen moments, in in between dinner and work, before sleep comes, in the few hours i may have free, I have been exploring charity shops where i found the most wonderful handmade doll, make of wood and buttons and wool and lace. her name is Dolly. with her i also bought a little light, for a dolls ceiling. it is teeny tiny. perfect for her. I also found a jumper, knitted and thick and warm the colour of snow. and a lovely scarf as the weather grows cooler, dusty pale pink and perfect.

and i have visited the museum and my favourite room in the whole place. full of woodland creatures and colouring in pages and big trees you can climb inside and sit on blankets and cushions, and draw and read. There are deer and squirrels and owls and mice and foxes and moths and butterflies and beetles and all types of birds. i adore it ever such a lot.

i have finished reading the little white horse. my goodness!!!! it is such a magical and enchanting book. i do wish ever so hard i could visit moonacre, and maybe have a little white horse of my very own. and a teeny room with a ceiling of stars. i wish wish.
i found a little white horse. a little white horse with pink glitter in a shop. she was beautiful. but upon opening my pink purse i discovered it to only have 3 coins inside. the little white horse was many many more. i had to leave her behind, which made my heart very sad indeed.

i have been wearing jumpers that belonged to my mother that look like the night sky. I have been lighting candles that make the house smell of woodlands and winder and magic. i have been having snuggles and giggles with my David and my Poppy.
and this weekend i will climb aboard the hogwarts express, and it will take me home to family, to celebrate my little sisters birthday. and i can have a teeny break from work work work.  

I hope you are all smiling and happy. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I send you magic and stars and warm milk with honey and hearts made of paper. I adore you all.

Goodnight dears
x ♥

p.s: i have been tagged by the lovely susan, thank you dearest!!! i will do it very very soon!


  1. ohh you poor thing, sounds like life is very very busy at the moment :( worth it to get the pennies to buy pretty things though! i have noticed a few bloggers mention the little white horse recently, i am so so glad you loved it! it was one of my absolute favourite books as a child, i haven't read it in ages- must dig it out again. i watched the secret of moonacre and i must admit i was a bit disappointed- just wasn't as magical as i remember the book being! glad you liked the tag! xx

  2. Sounds like a very rushed life, sounds like you are a bit tired ^^ But it also sounds like you have a bit of stolen moments of joy in your days, make the most of it!<333

  3. You are so incredibly magical. And so loved. I am sorry you are so busy, I know the feeling! :( Good luck with work, I'm sorry you have to endure that.
    xoxo Sprinkle
    Here for you!

  4. Amazing blog, as usual. I feel silly saying the same thing each time, but your blog is just so magical and lovely I can never find enough pretty words to describe it!

  5. take time to breathe whenever you can. Promise?

  6. i love your blog name, it's gorgeous! and your whole world sounds so lovely, i am jealous!
    hope you don't mind me following dear.
    yasmin X

  7. Don't worry. All the work will be worth it in the end. I think I will look up the book. It looks like a magical read.

  8. Keep calm, and good luck with everything! Love your blog, I've just discovered it :)

    Do take a peek at mine too if you can :)

  9. i have only jut found your blog, and I must say that i quite adore it. The doll photograph is quite divine, my dear. You are magic meloncholy♥

  10. i love forest friends too.
    your blog is really wonderful!
    i added you to my list of pretty petals! xx, lara

  11. I always considered writing very beneficial for a crowded mind. When word-vomit stains the paper, the mind grows calm.
    I'm so sorry for you to have such busy days, with barely any spare time for daydreaming! But Dolly and her little chandelier look beautiful, perhaps they can guide your way to Sandman Cove and bring you the most vivid dreams.


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