Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tea in the garden bare foot

I am adoring being at home for a long long summer!! At the moment it is full of baguettes and tea in the garden with no shoes on, making decorating plans and buying new clothes

It is wonderful being able to lounge around with my family, and have cuddles with my kitty, and pick my little brother up from school, i dont think im ever going to want to leave again!! Ive also been rummaging through some boxes from my grandparents old house, and found some amazing brass ornaments they collected. I love them and when me and my boyfriend move into our house in september, they will definately be having their own little shelf :)

Me and my sister are going to be sharing a room soon also, so we are making lots of plans for everyone to switch rooms. as i moved out of my little flat last week, and cant unpack until the rooms are finished, im living out of boxes at the moment!! but i am just grateful to be at home :)
The downside of being home is that my boyfriend cant come home yet. He is still in the flat up in stoke for the next two weeks until he finishes uni for summer, and in the 3 years we have been together we have never had to spend this much time apart before!! i miss him lots. September will be lovely when we move into our new uni house toegther. Over summer, he will be living with his family close by, and i cannot wait for him to finish and be home again!!
Ive put together a little parcel for him, with notes and scribbles and polaroids i have done for him. I know he's feeling rather lonely in the flat by himself, so im hoping it might cheer him up a bit :)

I bought a few things from sanna of the vagabond set this week, which i love love love!!! I bought some cut out tights, a dress by monki and a black blazer. They arrived this morning and are amazing :)

i am utterly rubbish at getting back to comments at the moment, but can assure you that i read them all and love and appreciate them all too :) they are amazing, thank you thank you thank you!!!over the next few days i will be writing back as now i have lots of lazy time on my hands. so expect messages from me on all of your lovely lovely blogs !!
x ♥


  1. Ah, lazy summer days always sound so wonderful :)
    Your tights are really lovely. Oh, and what amazing brass ornaments! It must be like finding hidden treasure! I love the bike and the swan.

    have a great day, beautiful ♥

  2. LOVE the tights! and the cat! you found some amazing treasures!

  3. You are so pretty! Ahh! I love your hair too! What a babe. And love the tights :)
    Enjoy your summer lovely xxx

  4. love what you got from Sanna, it all goes together too!and i love you hair at the moment :D
    so jealous where your moving into as well :) i dont think its hit me im actually leaving uni for good soon, keep thinking im coming back!
    love the letters and sketches as well, the boy and i do the same as i havnt seen him in 2 months and we'll have to spend a summer apart with him in london and me in ireland, little things like that cheer you up

  5. cute blog! and i like those leggings!

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love your photographs - ahh! :) The old tea pot is amazing! Love it & your new header looks awesome! :D Eep, you are very pretty indeed! xox


  7. Hello sweetheart!!

    Ooh, it all sounds and looks so lovely and pretty! <3
    Makes me all happy...

    Thank you with all my heart for the most wonderful comment, dear.


  8. That looks so great. Its winter here right now, and Im beginnning to miss summer. I'm loving your fringe and hair.

  9. I love the swan! All of the brass ornaments are amazing, but the swans my favourite. Nice tights as well :)


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