Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tea boxes, fairy dust and meg

I finally have the pictures for my new bit of work!! For uni Im exploring childhood, starting with mine. This bit of work combines two little quirks from my childhood. The first was that I was always asking my grandparents for jars to keep my 'pets' in (these included snails, caterpillers, ladybirds and, my favourite, a green beetle who I called petal). All of my 'pets' had their own personalities and little stories behind them and names. The second was that I loved fairies, and decided I would try and make friends with one. As I knew the tooth fairy had visited me before, I decided she would probably be the easist to try and become friends with. So I started writing her littl notes and leaving thm under my pillow, hopeing that, even though I hadnt lost a tooth, she would come and visit me. I did this for over a year, and she never did. When I found out she wasnt real, I was so upset and dissapointed. Anyway, for this piec of work I have combined these two little things I used to do, and come up with my fairy in a jar!! I would have loved to catch a fairy and keep her along with my other pets :) So here she is!!

Shes made out of wire, tiny white beads, silver sequins, a star bead (for her wand) and ribbons. In the jar I sprinkled lots of sequins on the bottom, and also suspended some sequins too like little stars, but you cant really see that in the picture. I also made the fairy dust to go with the jar, which is just out of a little pouch I found, sequins, cotton and a bit of paper from a book. She doesnt have a name yet, though. Any suggestions?? Hope you like her!!

Also, meet meg, who I scribbled down today with charcoal on a stained bit of paper (which caught the spills and leaks from another piece of work)!!

Last little thing, I must show you all my little tea box I found at an antiques fair. I am in love with it!!

Thank you!! x

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  1. i adore this box...i myself could never say no to pretty pretty boxes!!! :)


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