Friday, 24 October 2008

penguins, fortune tellers and walks in the park

This morning I was feeling poorly so the lovely boyfriend tucked m up in bd with some peppermint tea, popcorn and put toystory on for me :) Once I was feeling all better, we went for a walk in the park, where we met lots of ducks and geese!! They were vry friendly and all came over to say hello :)

I noticed that lately I seem to be makig a little collection of penguins... I have two little glass ornaments that I bought who are meant to be m and my boyfriend :) I also found this really cute felt penguin purse that I am in love with at the moment!!

Ive just had a nice little nostalic moment, I made one of those paper fortune teller sthat I used to constantly make in class when I was about 14!! Anyone else remember these?? Hours of fun!!

Thank you for reading my blog :) night night!! x

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