Wednesday, 10 April 2013



Dear Lily

This ones a little late. Well, a whole month late! But what a busy month it's been!

Your a year old little lady!! And it certainly does seem as though you have suddenly grown up quite a lot. Your first big achievement this month: steps. It happened! Your first steps! You had come out of the bath, a week after your first birthday, and mummy had just put you in your dressing gown. You were stood in the middle of the living room watching in the night garden, when I held out my arms and said, 'come here Lily!' and over you toddled! Mummy squealed and squealed with excitement (making you laugh!) and shouted for daddy SO LOUD (he was in the shower) and he panicked thinking we had had an accident! You wouldn't do again though for anyone else really, a few here and there, until we went up to Tow Law ti scatter Great Grandads ashes at the end of the month. All the family were there: aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and you did so much walking that weekend! It was as though you had waited to show off.

And we have had words!! You say hi, bye, hello, hiya, cake, dada, ta and thank you (angchoo!). You are getting so smart sweetie!

So much has changed for Daddy & I since you made us a little family. In the last year we have become parents, had to struggle and save, lost jobs and had some really tough times where it seemed nothing would go our way. But now, we have our first house, we have the jobs we really wanted and are on our dream career paths, although we're not rich we're no longer having to really struggle, our wedding is booked and finally becoming a reality, and we have a bright, sweet, funny little girl who we love dearly and who has made us the happiest little family, even through the hard times.

Thank you, our little ginger monkey. We love you very very much! Happy Birthday princess.

Lots & lots of love,




  1. this is the loveliest post i've ever read! happy (belated) birthday to the lovely Lily! xo


  2. You are going to treasure these posts forever. So lovely.

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx


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