Saturday, 24 November 2012

8 months

Dear Lily

8 months. It is going so fast!! Slow down, sweetie! You are getting so grown up now.

You are such a big girl, already in clothes for a one year old! And your feet, we found out, are size two, and you got the cutest little boots with zips and proper soles, and they are the only shoes you haven't learnt how to take off yet! 

You are such a happy, cheeky little monkey. You laugh so much now, I love seeing your sense of humour develop. My shocked face is funny, bunnies are funny ( you have lots of toy bunnies now, they are your favourite!), Milly is funny, Upsy Daisy is funny, Daddy's 'boo' is funny- and your laugh is the most precious & infectious ever!

 You still love your food! You have the big jars now every lunch and dinner, with chunkier bits, and you like feeding yourself biscotti's, sponge fingers and chips, although you still don't have any teeth. You can't get yourself from laying down to sitting up yet and you can't crawl yet- but you are so desperate to do both and try so hard! I'm sure it wont be long. You are so strong now.

We finished decorating your nursery finally too- it is very pretty, lots of white and pink and bunting and cushions and toys. So you are sleeping in there now, all by yourself, and you have been so good about it and done so well. You love your new cot, especially your hello kitty cushion, which mummy caught you chatting to & hugging the first morning you woke up in there by yourself!

My favourite new thing you have leant though, my darling, is hugging. You put your arms up for a cuddle, or if you are sat near me or Daddy you will throw youself onto us and give us big, lovely cuddles, pat us and smile. Mummy didn't believe she could love you any more- then you hugged me properly for the first time, patted my back, then looked into my eyes and gave me the most beautiful smile. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought my heart was going to explode.

You are the sweetest, loveliest, funniest, prettiest little girl Lily and Mummy and Daddy love you so so much.

I love you, my little strawberry!

Mummy ♥
x x x x x x x


  1. so cute! i want to squeeze her cheeks, a real doll she is. <3

  2. those cheeks :^0 love her she's gorgeous!!!!!!



  3. Absolutely love that headband! She looks so cute


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