Saturday, 7 July 2012

Lilac, lace & birds

Hello! I wanted to show you all my new jeans!

I am so happy  with these! I saw them on a rail in Asda (yes, Asda!!) for £7, and snapped them up, but when I got to the till, they came up as £10. I questioned the price, and it was a very flustered young boy serving me. The shop was packed and they had some 'technical difficulties' with the till, and the poor boy was getting confused, and said 'Ok, you can have 2 for £7'. I told him no I didn't want two, and jokingly said I'll take these for £3.50 though. 'Ok', he replied and charged me £3.50. £3.50. I couldn't believe it, but here they are! SO happy!!! They are so comfortable too.

My bracelet is from accessorize. How cute is the little wooden, painted bird? I love this bracelet! I'm wearing my usual 'L' bracelet with it, that never leaves my wrist.

Have any of you found any good bargains recently? I love finding amazing deals like this!

x ♥


  1. Such a cute outfit!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I wish that Asda jeans fitted me, but my legs are far too long for them :(

    I have a mint green and faded neon pink jeans from Topshop that I love. Coloured denim is so fresh and fun!

    My best bargains so far this month are La Senza bras... £5 in store! So I picked up about 6... haha.


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