Thursday, 28 July 2011

studio!! ♥

Picture of the girl in glasses: David Shrigley, rabbit and squirrel print: matt saunders, larger painting: lyzi
 fabric cat: lyzi, Rosie Bird: Donna Wilson
 Drawing of me, poppy, Alfie and Archie: charlotte

here is my finished studio!! finally, after weeks of building and painting and decorating, it's all done :) It's such a lovely place to work, I love it! 

Now it's finished I've been able to spend all day making all sorts of bits of bobs for the shop, so expect to see some items up for sale soon! Probably early this week, I won't be doing much this weekend as I turn 21 this Saturday, so will be celebrating :)  I will also finally get round to that giveaway I have been promising for so long!

hope your all having lovely summers

x  ♥


  1. I absolutely adore your studio!! xx

  2. Oh my, it looks gorgeous! I love all the little bits you have in there and beautiful pictures and paintings :) such a lovely place to work! Happy birthday in advance xx

  3. Your studio looks amazing - and very inspiring. I can imagine you must feel the creative energy when you're in there. Have a lovely birthday. x

  4. i wish i could be there in that amazing studio too. though i have been ever so busy today being creative. and have made my little half of the study alot more inspirational. though i need another desk for craft space.

    i love your little pictures and bits and bobs and jars and bowls of buttons?! i love love love

    i cannot wait for your creations. xxx

  5. Your studio looks absolutely gorgeous, dear. What a wonderful place to create beautiful things. How inspiring.
    I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. Oh my goodness, it's absolutely gorgeous. It's exactly how I would love to be able to design/decorate something but wouldn't even know where to start xxx

  7. It looks so great! And it means the world to me to see my print and cat in there :) hope you create lots of lovely stuff in there, I'm jealous! xxx


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