Sunday, 10 July 2011

bunting & ladybirds

I am a very lucky girl. my dad and uncle built my studio this week, and I have spent all my time since then painting and decorating it! I love it, it is so big with lots of light, and im going to have my own little herb garden outside. I have put up my bunting and my giant ladybirds climb all up the side. My Kitten, Alfie, loves it and has been keeping me company in there. He has also had fun playing with the bunting blowing in the wind, and got a bit over excited and stole one of the flags!! hehe, silly kitten. I am painting the inside white. I wanted to have the painting done by the end of today, and to have started putting up lots of pretty things on the wall, but the weather proofing underneath is red and keeps coming through!! So far I have done 3 coats and it still isnt finished. Im exhausted! That is why there is masking tape all around the windows, please excuse it :)

It has to be left until next weekend now though, because tomorrow I go back up to our uni house. I have to get the final things finished around the house, and on Friday I GRADUATE. eep!! so grown up and scary!

This will probably be my last week in the uni house with my David. The last time I will live with him until we can save enough money for our own place, which we have no idea when it will be. It is going to be strange, not living with him for a while. He will be living 45 minutes away. I am going to be very upset, I will miss him so much. Expect a very soppy post next week!!!

x ♥


  1. WOW you are very very lucky indeed! It looks absolutely adorable :)

  2. It looks like such a cute cosy place :) I know what it's like to move in then move out with a boyfriend, it's hard at first but hopefully you can move in together in the not too distant future xx

  3. Ah, how sweet! It looks amazing - you must be knackered!
    I graduate soon too. It's kind of scary :/

    Rosie x


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