Friday, 29 April 2011

Such a beautiful wedding, and kate looked stunning. So lovely. I was quite emotional!! So proud to be British right now, and even more so as I only live a few minutes away from where kate grew up, she's a local!! Hopefully her family will have Harry round one day, so we can meet and fall in love!!! hehe : )  They seem like a very sweet, very in love couple and its been a wonderful day.

Hope your all enjoying the day, whatever you are doing. I have been drinking many cups of tea from my mothers posh china and eating english muffins with marmite all day!

x ♥


  1. I am so very happy for them, too!
    I recently posted my opinion about the royals, I would like to know your opinion as well:) Please visit my post if you are free and happy Labor's day:)

  2. i thought the wedding was absolutly magical! Kate looked very very beautiful in her dress ♥ wish i was in london today but i had a lovely cup of milky-tea and homemade custard creams. made me proud to be British :) much love, samantha.

  3. that was such a sweet wedding, so pretty and such a lovely couple. x

  4. It was a gorgeous wedding wasn't it? I loved the trees in the Abbey, and Kate's dress was beautiful. x

  5. it was such a beautiful wedding, kate looked stunning (as always).
    hope you're doing well!


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