Monday, 17 May 2010

hello again ♥

hello!! I have missed it here ever such a lot. Finally I have finished my year at uni and have time to blog again!! Although my camera has decided to hide, so you must excuse the pictures, they're taken with my phone and are not very good really.
I had my end of year exhibition, after weeks and weeks of hardly any sleep, working late into the night. The piece I made for the show was a big big park with the miniature figures. The piece was 4ft x 4ft, and had 63 figures in it!! They were all children, playing and exploring. it took much much longer to make than I expected it too, making each little tree and sticking on its leaves and making the earth and the grass and the paths, having to paint and glue each tiny detail. The piece was put on the floor of the gallery, so that the people who came to see it had to crouch down like children playing with little toys.  I was ever so nervous about it being in the exhibition. my family came to see the opening and to stay for the weekend, too, which was lovely. Luckily, people seemed to really like my work!!!! it was wonderful to watch as people went over and smiled as they found another detail, another child climbing a tree, or little girls whispering secrets in each others ears.

While my family were visiting for the weekend, we took a trip to the peak district. It was so so beautiful!! We stopped at a little farm we found too, that was selling the most delicious homemade ice cream. And we saw all the baby animals, like the new born  lambs and baby cows. Whilst petting the lambs, they seemed to confuse me for their mother and began sucking on my fingers!! I had 3 of them, with a finger each, and they wouldnt let me go!! It was adorable!! My father took some lovely pictures, but he cant send them to me because he hasnt worked out how to put them onto the computer yet. hehe!! Whilst in the peak district, I found a teeny tiny wooden chicken hidden in the corner of a shop for a couple of pennies. I had to take her home, shes adorable!! her name is minnie.

since finishing uni, I have been a little bit naughty. I got a nice little suprise of some extra money I didnt realise I was getting. so I have bought myself a few treats!! Dresses of florals and tiny horse prints. Gold sparkly tops and pretty little skirts. Pale pinks and lace. some floral jeans. Some new ribbon, and cord, and charms. A new haircut. snip snip snip. my hair was in terrible condition, so the lady cut it to just below my shoulders. It feels very different but much much better!! and a little ebay find. Some boots. Mint green with peach laces, which that I now have to wait for, to arrive in the post. please hurry mr postman!!

I have also been doing lots of baking now I have more time. I have made some lovely brownies, and some dilicious peanut butter fudge!! I got the recipe from Sophie Dahls show. I adore her and her prettiness and her stories and her lovely lovely homely recipes. My David and I have been enjoying the little homemade treats in the evening wth cups of tea, until our tummies were completely full of sweetness!!


I am still working, as a waitress and behind the bar at uni, until the end of June. And then I get to go home!! I cannot wait. i have lots of arty projects planned, and books I want to read, and lots of cuddles. With my little brother and my poppy pops. I cannot wait, I really really cannot wait!!!

And of course, lots more blogging!! I have missed it lots, and I have missed you lots. How are you all??

♥ x


  1. wow your time has been spent so beautifully, i also have that dress with tiny ponies on. I simply cannot wait for you to be blogging more

  2. i think your pictures look pretty. love those boots x

  3. First off, very lovely post!
    I love when you post pictures of your little things you make-it's cute how you make everything miniature. I ♥ little things.
    Mmm homeade ice-cream is the bestest!!!
    And so are cute little animals!
    Cute outfits! & shoes.
    I cannot wait until summer to read lovely lovely books.


  4. oh golly gosh, how wonderfully amazing.
    the thing i miss mostly mostly about uni is the long summer of fun and exploration and blogging---i am not looking forward to my first grown up summer--of work! sigh.

    oh rosie your little things and purchases and goings on and treats and art work sound perfectly perfect!! i wish to visit and eat peanut butter fudge and brownies- i wound bring my teacup and tilly~rose.

    missing you lots.
    i promise to whisper this week.

  5. ah, this post made me feel lots better, thank you thank you. you sound so happy, that's wonderful.
    and your project sounds and looks beautiful, what a marvellous idea. xxx

  6. Oh and your art looks wonderful. It is such a sweet idea, very creative and wonderful. Congratualtions Rosie on your exhibition, you should be so proud. I know I would be :)


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