Monday, 19 April 2010

Miss Rosie... ♥

This week I get to be an art teacher, which is ever so lovely. Today I taught the children how to make little fairy houses out of clay. Friday we paint and decorate them, and hope the fairies like them when they move in! Tomorrow I teach them how to make some magical pendants to hang around their necks. Perhaps this is what I shall do when I am completely and fully grown up. I do love being miss Rosie ♥


  1. awwh it sounds so lovely! those fairy houses are so cute, if i were a fairy, i would most certainly move in. i think you would make a wonderful wonderful teacher, miss rosie ♥ xx

  2. Aw, that would be a good job for you Ms. Rosie! :)

  3. those faerie houses are darling! you must be a wonderful teacher, if they can make such magical creations. i hope you shall continue to be miss rosie!

  4. This sounds so so lovely Rosie. I would have LOVED to have you as my teacher when I was younger. Infact I would love to have you as my teacher now.
    I love the idea of fairy houses and of the pendants.
    The pictures are very sweet, I love the childrens fairy houses :)

  5. aw, this is so great! i wish i had you as a teacher growing up!


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