Monday, 5 April 2010

did you all have a lovely easter?? I had a lovely weekend with family walks in the rain with polkadot umbrellas and easter egg hunts and lamb with mint sauce and chitty chitty bang bang and charlie and the chocolate factory and cucumber sandwiches and home made cheese cake and, of course, lots of chocolate eggs! 

♥ x


  1. Yes, thank you, I had a wonderful Easter! :)
    Did you draw those?
    They're lovely!

  2. such lovely drawings. i especially enjoy the little ship. you had such a wonderful easter! it sounds so picturesque, especially with the polka dot umbrella and lamb with mint sauce. xxx

  3. I'm happy you had a nice Easter! And I watched Charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday <3

  4. i had a wonderful easter thank you :) these sketches are so pretty; i especially like the ship and the dandelion clock♥ & how i would love a polka dot umbrella :) xoxo

  5. Your drawings are so precious Rosie.
    I had a very piggy easter - i ate far too much chocolate.
    I'm glad to had a nice time. I've been anjoying your posts x

  6. Love, love your sketches. My Easter was spent lying in bed sick. Sadly. But I hope yours was wonderful! xx

  7. ooooooo love the bunting! im going to draw bunting on my wall! cute blog

  8. lovely blog <3


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