Tuesday, 12 January 2010

my dusty sketchbook pages from the past ♥

Looking through my old sketchbooks and artwork from school, missing simpler times when my art was my focus. At university money worries and jobs seem to get in the way, which i dislike alot. I wish for this semester to be different.

To all of you who leave such sweet words and follow me- thank you so much. You give me so many smiles and so much encouragement-- thank you thank you thank you ♥ x

p.s: i am collecting lots of little things at the moment. tumblr, flickr, twitter, lookbook, and now also a formspring! ask me anyting you like! also, my shop has been updated with a few new little things, the link is on my sidebar :)


  1. those pieces of art are beautiful! i'm really starting to enjoy reading your blog. you are awesome.

  2. these are SUCH lovely pictures
    you are so talented

  3. beautiful. beautiful, beautiful. I wish I had your sparkeling ingenuity, dearest ♥
    xx your forever friend

  4. magnificent artwork.
    i hope your semester gets better, dearest.

  5. These pages look amazing! I love your work!

  6. Your old sketchbook looks beautiful, you have a wonderful talent. ♥ I know how you feel... I am also at university, and I don't have as much time to write and draw as I wish. :( Perhaps things will be different this semester, I really do hope so, for both of us.

  7. your old sketchbook is beautiful. it's lovely to look back at old photographs and work and writings and things don't you think?♥ oh, how i dearly wish i was good at art, i think its such an amazing thing xx

  8. These are beautiful! Must have been so lovely to find. I tagged you on my blog. x

  9. Those pictures make me dream.
    I also hate when I don't have time enough to write or take pictures... That's why I'm always waiting for holiday to come :)

  10. I love the dreamy quality of your blog :)
    I've just discovered it and it's truly wonderful :)

  11. Lovely little remnants of your past sketchbooks! I love looking at old journals, and sketchbooks, etc, and unraveling memories from their pages!

    Hope this semester, at university, will be different indeed, like you wish for it to be! ♥


  12. these are beautiful! your are talented :)


  13. Wonderful photos of the beautiful art you created. You have such talent! (:

    Indeed, life in university is so much different than we were young'uns. May we never forget the little things that made us happy as children. <3

  14. i've lost my favorite sketch book

  15. I just began to read your blog and just a few entries in I am already quite enchanted. I understand how you feel about art, and how the chores of life can take away the time we want to have in expressing ourselves visually. I used to be so incredibly focused on drawing and illustration; coming home from school I would rush straight to the little studio I set up for myself and create art till I was content! Now, I wish it was so...my art is largely confined to school notebooks and the blank spaces on homework sheets. Hopefully for the both of us, time will be a little bit more gracious and we will be able to get back to doing art! ♥


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