Sunday, 3 January 2010


As I stood outside and stared at the sky, this is what I saw, in the final hours of 2009.
It was so beautiful, almost not real. like a dream.

2009 was a year of sadness and sorrow and loss. but it was also a year of beginnings. of new homes with my dearest David and of getting a new little friend in Poppy. I hope 2010 will be wonderful.

In 2010:

♥ I wish to make my home with my love cosier and lovelier, and hope we will stay as happy as we are now.

♥ I wish for less money worries, for me and my family

♥ I wish for some things to get easier and improve

♥ I want to work harder at my artwork and make tings I am really proud of and happy with

♥ I wish to gain more confidence in myself

♥ I wish to be positive and make those around me smile

♥ I wish to travel more and visit lots of galleries

♥ I wish to write here more often and visit your inspirational blogs more often

I had a lovely christmas, with lovely food and wonderful family times. and so much snow!! and lots and lots of laughter. I recieved some lovely gifts. a sewing machine and a floral dress and some rings and lots of other little treats and trinkets. a lovely package from dear charlotte filled with homemade fudge and turkish delights and fairy dust and star cutters and drawings and other prettiness and magic.
I will write more about those during the week, and i am trhinking about sharing some of my uni work with you. what do you think?
tonight i wanted to wish you all a very happy new year, and thank those who have visited my shop, and those who have purchased items. I dont have the jewelary with me at the moment, as it is in my uni home, s i will be deactivating those items for a few weeks. But i will be putting up a few more items i am making at home. brooches and garlands and fabric sewed together with my new sewing machine...
thank you for your christmas wishes and lovely words. did you all have a lovely chrstmas? what did you get??

i wish you all a happy and magical 2010!!
x ♥


  1. oh dearest rosie;
    thankyou so much for your lovely, lovely comment you left. your christmas sounds so lovely, i too got a sewing machine for christmas :) ♥

    and, yes i actually did make the header, i stuck down the things on paper and scanned it onto my computer. and i was like that too with the background at first, the writing on my blog wouldn't fit in the white part etc, after i'd uploaded it to photobucket and added the html code, so i kept making it again, but with a bigger white part until it was right. are you okay with the photobucket and code thing? if you need help doing this part just let me know and i'll leave you a comment and explain it :)

    oh, i hope this made sense! from suzannah ♥

  2. Rosie I hope you have a wonderful New Year. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavours.
    I had a wonderful Christmas, I got all sorts of lovely things. And I'm glad you did too! x

  3. This is such a wonderful list of wishes. I just admire every one of them. So heartfelt and good. I wish you luck with all of them and happiness in this new year! :)

    Natalie xx
    (aka The Wandering Writer)

  4. oh i do hope you have the happiest 2010. your christmas sounds lovely. and i also received fudge this year. but always end up eating much too much.
    happy new year. & i look forward to all your magical future posts.

  5. dearest rosie ♥
    your are unwaveringly correct in saying that this night looks very dreamy. It does feel like it's not real...very comforting(:
    Good luck in the new year, darling! I wish all the best, and hope your resolutions and wishes come true ♥
    xx your forever friend(:

  6. I like that you choose new years wishes instead of resolutions. Your blog is delightful. I am happy to read it in the future.


  7. yes I would love to see your uni work!


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