Sunday, 13 September 2009


My David, my poppy and I have moved into the house with the mint green front door that we can now call our home. The house with the white walls and the worn white floor boards, and all of the creaks and little holes and cracks, and wonkeyness and wobbliness, ever so old and ever so charming. the old furniture that has one leg longer than the others, and the wardrobe doors that have to be kept shut by tying the handles together with ribbons. I have fallen in love with it all. Really and truely.

And in our new home I have been making artwork at my desk in the spare room, while my David creates animations at his desk in the spare room. A creative room of sorts. and we have curled up on the sofa, David reading lord of the rings, I, the little white horse (kindly given by my lovely Charlotte). I have made soup from scratch in the kitchen, and David has made me many cups of tea in the prettiest rose teacup. Another gift from adorable charlotte. we have watched audrey hepburn films and hummed 'moon river' for the rest of the day. we have eaten pink angel delight, kinder eggs and smarties. we have watched poppy explore her new home, finding new hiding places. Behind the sofa, under cabinets, behind the tv and searching in between floorboards for treasures. We have planned what to do with the empty flowerbeds, buying bulbs. tulips and snowdrops and daffodils.

I adore our new home.

The ever so sweet minsquin has given me a rather lovely award!!! Thank you ever so much.

as part of the award I have to state 10 things about myself.
1. I never ever think my artwork is good enough. ever. but i adore making it. I must work on my confidence.
2. I cannot stand having long nails. I do not know why, but as soon as they start growing to the point where the white tip gets longer, i cannot stand it. It gives me a funny sensation around my mouth and teeth, the kind when someone scratches a blackboard. So i must always have my nails cut short.
3. I belive I will never grow up. Not properly. Inside I will always be a little girl.
4. I wish i could blog more, but i always am having to share a computer with 4 other people in my family or with my boyfriend, who does computer animation therefore is always on the computer. This makes it very very difficult to blog. I must save up my pennies for a laptop.
5. My wonderful boyfriend David and I have now been together for over 3 and half years, since we were 15 years old. I still cant really believe how lucky I am to have him.
6. I am happy at the moment, for the first time in quite a while.
7. I miss my Grandad more than anyone in the world. But now I am missing my Grandmother also. she has dementia and is slipping away from us. watching her suffer from it is the cruelest thing I have ever experienced.
8. There is a tiny part of me that really hopes the whole Harry Potter world is actually real. which is silly.
9. I used to believe that clouds were made of candyfloss, and if you found a ladder long enough you could climb up and eat them.
10. I have developed an obsession with jars. I adore finding interesting old jars to use in my artwork.
Thank you to all of you for still reading, even though I have been a truely awful blogger. I adore the blogging world and all of you lovelies in it!!! I appreciate every single comment, and read every single one. and I appreciate every single follower. I adore you all. you make me smile :)
Lots of love
x ♥


  1. your new home looks amazing.
    as are you :}
    isn't charlotte the best of gift givers?
    xoxo sprinkle

  2. How sweet everything sounds! I'm so happy for you two, I love how happy you are!

    I wish the Harry Potter world would be real too - it's cruel really how all the kids wait on their 11th birthday for their letter to arrive ^^

  3. Awh what a lovely new room you have! Your dresser mirror is stunning & Poppy must be happy to share it with you! Do take more pics of her - shes cute! eek!

    P.S. Oh all we do is just choose a postcard, write on it, & send it away :) that's all - I've been doing it with a lot of my blogger friends & it's just amazing receiving & sending off all this lovely postcards :)

    What's your email so we can trade details! eek this should be uber fun! hehe

    much love,


    P.P.S. Poppy says hi to Poppy! :P

  4. your new home looks wonderful :) and i really like your art, it is so sweet and cute and fairy-like :)

  5. What a lovely comment you've left! thank you, beautiful!

    "I miss my Grandad more than anyone in the world." this is how I feel, too! I am sorry about your grand mother..

    Your house is beautiful xx

  6. I love your description of your lovely little home, and how you see its 'flaws' as sweet eccentricities that make it even more lovely! I hope to have a home that means as much some day!

  7. dear rosie, thank you so much for your beautiful comment!
    i have to say the exact same compliment when i look at your beautiful blog - it's so magical and dreamy :)
    i love my little kitty! do you have photos of your little one? we can only buy red or black flea collars - where do you purchase these gold, sparkly ones?!
    thank you so much for adding me to your link ♥
    your lovely blog has found a comfy spot in my most adored blogs list :)

    juliette, xx

  8. wonderful post rosie! all your
    pictures are so cute, i especially
    like the sylvanian family bear one with the teacup. that vanity mirror is beautiful!

  9. oh, thankyou so very much for your wonderful comment dear miss rosie :) it really made me smile ever so much ♥

  10. omg i adore your new home aswell. it's so english and white and prim looking.
    i can totally envision it with a rose garden and all.
    so whimsical
    and totally jealous.

  11. Hello darling,

    thank you so much for you super-sweet comment! ^_^ I had missed you!! Your new house sounds and looks absolutely wonderful. I really like your 10 things - I often think that I'll never properly grow up too. Grown ups don't have as much fun as children!

    Oh, and your boyfriend is an animator too? I know what you mean, my brother uses the computer a LOT because of his animation work too (which makes sense, I guess, hehe)

    take care sweetie :)


  12. oh!!! oh, can i tell you a secret?
    i think i fell in love with your blog!!!! :) you have such delicate and pretty photos and words!
    it's so lovely. so soft and dreamy.
    oh and thank you so much for adding me to your blog list! i am so grateful! <3

  13. What a lovely house! It sounds like you've been having an enchanting time there too.

  14. You new house is soo lovely and magic! I'm glad you're settling in so well. Kinder Surprise eggs make my day too!

    Have a beautiful day.

  15. you are lovely.
    i wish to visit the mint green door one day,
    and drink tea out of teacups and sit on the floor of your lilac work room and draw and sew and write.


  16. ps.
    i am in complete awe and loved for your toad-stall. it is adorable.
    i wonder if kitty plays inside and sells toadstool soup when you are asleep.

  17. i love the pictures that you take. so amazing! hope you are well missy xxxx

  18. !!! I love your new home as well XD
    It looks absolutely enchanting ^___^

    Lovely photographs =)

  19. OMG, that vanity is amazing! I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, it's pretty. :]

  20. What a sweet and girly room. Looking at your clothes, I think I am really overloaded and will have to start selling clothes soon.


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