Thursday, 23 April 2009

busy busy busy

i am so so sorry for neglecting my blog so much :(

thank you all so much for your lovely comments :) they have kept me very smiley and cheery in a very stressful week!! i am back at uni and have had lots o
f deadlines, and our end of year exhibition starts tomorrow!!! so this week has been completely and utterly mad with getting it ready. but it is finally done!! so tomorrow my parents are coming up for the private viewing and some dinner with me and my boyfriend which will be lovely, i cant wait to see them!! so once i must must must do a bit of cleaning!! oh my goodness, next friday i go home for summer!!! i cant believe its so soon!! and all of that time means lots and lots of blogging :) i cant wait!!

ive been looking at pictures from my first holiday with my boyfriend when we were about 16 :) i hope we get to go away again this summer. we always go somewhere very cheap, take lots of photos with disposable cameras and have lots and lots of fun :)

ive also been looking at the amazing photography of hannah and landon in between the madness. it so inspiring!!

I have also been tagged by the ever so cute
sara!! thank you dearest :)

Don't forget to: say i love you (smae as sara, but its perfect!!)
Can't live without: my family and my boy :)
My last dream: was about going up a mountain and finding dorothy from the wizard of oz!! (very strange!!)
The place you miss most: home
Going out: in the lovely sun this week has been lovely!!
Close your eyes: and think of home

i am sorry for the lack fo posting again!! but there will be one very very soon with photos from easter and the exhibition. i hope you are all well and i will try to comment back very soon :)

♥ x


  1. I love Hannah and Landon!!

    Excited to hear that we might be treated to some more posts from you soon. Always a treat when you update :)

    Lots of hugs and well wishes!

  2. Lovely photos sweetie! Can't wait to see more post from you soon;) I was actually thinking of your lovely blog today<3

  3. What pretty photos! Good luck with your exhibition! I can't wait for summer either to do a bit more blogging (sadly I have to wait until end of July, boo!) xxxx

  4. lovely pictures! i've tagged you dear xox

  5. I love all the photos, disposable cameras are so much fun! So jealous that you're free in a week, I still have 8 weeks to go! x

  6. So, I just found your blog.
    And I love love love it.
    I love the crafty shtuff, and all that fun whatnot!

  7. your photos are so lovely and nostalgic and moving. love them :)


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