Saturday, 14 March 2009

peacefullness and smiles and cups of tea

hello dears!! this weekend feels calm and peaceful, a perfect time to write and share with you all. i know that for relaxing this weekend, i will pay monday and be ultra busy. but i feel it is time to stop!!

i realsied that because of all the pressure to get my work done along with all the other things that have been happening, such as my love being ill (he is beginning to feel better thank goodness!!), the artwork i was doing for my project had no feeling in it whatsoever. i did not like it and i was making it very mechanically, knowing i had to have something done. but this week i had a tutorial, and my lovely tutor picked up a piece of my work, the toothfairy piece, i created a while ago, and told me how wonderful it is, and how much everyone loves it, and that it is because it is me, it is what i do and it is what i love. so i am now forgetting everything i have done in the studio since christmas, and just going to do whatever i feel and whatever i enjoy. this should probably put more pressure on me, as it is only 3 weeks until we begin putting up the exhibition which my work must be in. ut strangely, i feel very very happy and so much better.

so i have a cup of tea and update you all. i adore adore
blogging and all of your beautiful inspiring blogs so much. during the summer these posts are going to be much more regular!!

yesterday was red nose day
, which i absolutely love!! i love the comedy, and how everyone in the country suddenly gets together and unites to help others, no matter who they are. it is wonderful and everyone always seems in wonderful spirits also. everywhere i went yesterday, someone was wearing something red in support. i was very upset that i lost my red nose, but i wore a red ribbon in my hair, my red tights and red belt to show my support.

the night was lovely, it was a wonderful show, i cried with laughter at all the hilarious sketches and mad things people did to raise money. and the appeals with the heartbreaking videos of children dying of malaria and orphans and people who are desperately
in need of help were so powerful, i cried and cried and them all. comic relief does such wonderful work, it is astounding. since i have been away my love and i have celebrated our 3 year anniversary. we could not do a lot due to his illess, our lack of pennies and the busyness that has filled our days. but he did buy me some sweeties from the 'olde smithys sweet shop' which were ever so yummy!! and i made him a teeny card to tell him how much i love him, and cooked us a meal.

loveliest lottie sent me a package full of wonder and magic. it was wonderful, with another teeny book to add to my little library from her, a starry pencil, cute teeny pegs, a little jar full of moon beads, two chocolate bunnies, a sweet little drawing and a lovely letter. it was beautiful, i adore it!!

and i have been filling my tiny notebook with the wallpaper cover with yellow tulips. i think it has been my little escape lately, where i can loose myself for 5 minutes, doing a little sketch, or pressing some flowers, or sticking in something inspiring i found. here are some of the little things i have filled it with recently. i love drawing, but am never ever happy with the results. my drawings become covered with tiny annotations i make, reminding myself of what needs to be improved!!

i am so excited about the house me and my love have got!! a house for just us. it is only teeny, and a little scruffy, nothing special. it is a uni house for term time. but i adore it!! it will be special to us. i adore its mint green front door. and the rooms have cream
walls, a blank canvas for the ideas i have. one i have is to put my teeny brothers paintings he has done for me into frames, and make a kind of collage of them on a wall.

i want to do the same with photos i adore and some postcards i got on mine and my loves first holiday, that are of old vintage adverts. i want the beautiful painting my love brought for me to hang above our bed. i will fill the spare bedroom with my art materials and artwork. i want to grow some plants in our garden. i want to make some cushions for our sofa.
and... we are getting a hamster!!!!!! i am so utterly and completely excited!!!!! i cannot wait :) a teeny furry friend for lotties little tilly~rose it shall be. an
y suggestions for names are welcome!! we do not know if we are getting a boy or a girl yet. if it is a boy it will be called bob, because we think it would be cute and it is a silly little tribute to my grandad. if it is a girl i do not know!!! i want to find an utterly pretty little name. what do you all think??

i have been tagged dearies, by the beautiful mila and gorgeous chloe, to do the 'show your heart' tag!!! it looks like a lovely tag :) thank you dears!! the rules are:

With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in:
1 picture 1 poem
1 song or piece of m
1 phrase or quote
1 item of clothing
1 place [And just for fun-] 1 Disney princess!

"i was picking you up from the train" "i miss you rosie. you are the prettiest in the world. from oliver"

these pictures show my heart completely. they are from my little brother and i treasure them!! i live for being piked up from the train station by him and my family.

"Our souls are one, if you must know
and never shall the
be apart;
with splendid dawn, your face aglow
I reach for you and find my hea

It was really difficult to pick one song, but this reminds me of
driving in the car with my father when i was younger. He used to play it lots, and i loved it, and would ask for 'the lampost song'!! it just makes me smile :)

for clothing i have picked my bracelets. i wear them constantly, even to bed. they are all special to me and have different stories behind them. from left to right: the first is a bracelet i made out of tiny star charms. i made one for lottie also, so they are our little moon friendship bracelets. the next 3, missing the silver chain, are ones i brought on mine and my loves first holiday. they are special because they are from that hiliday, and also because the isle of wight is very close to my heart as i adore it and me and my faily have gone there lots and lots ever since i was born. the silver chain was my loves, and he gave it to me when we spent our first week apart. we were 15 and he was going on a cadet course trip, and before he went, he gave me the bracelet, and said he wanted me to wear it. i havent taken it off since!! the next two are ones i bought in a little shop i found when exploring the nearby town on the first week i started uni. and the last i made when i was leaving school, and clearing out my studio space in the art rooms. i was very upset and teary. i didnt want anyone to see i was crying so i crawled under the table, pretending to be clearing up, and i found a navy blue wooden charm, with circles on it. i put it on a piece of ribbon and have worn it ever since.

My place would be home. this picture is of my little brother in the cardboard house i made him :)

my favourite disney princess is absolutely belle. i always wanted to be her, wear her dresses, have a horse, have that lovely old bookshop to go to, or the amazing library the beast gives her, and to fall in love.

i tag:

now my dearies i must go and tuck myself up in bed. thank you all for your beautiful comments i MUST get back to and will!! have a lovely weekend and sweet dreams to you all

x ♥


  1. Oh my God! My seven year old brother draws pictures and makes cards for me which I think are the cutest in the world. I treasure them highly.

  2. So many wonderful things in this post, I love them all. I love your drawings, they are very wonderful! And I adore your bracelets and that they each have their own story attached to them!

  3. woohoo i am so excited to be tagged to do this! i will get onto it this week :)

    that package you recieved looks amazing, i love getting stuff in the mail :)

  4. oh dearest, so glad you are back!
    I love your outfit and little treats, and that package from Lottie looks ever so delightful... She honestly does send the best things. I love your brother's drawings, so precious! Adorable.

    Sweetie, I have gotten a account and it can be so inspiring, I think we should all make accounts and type inspiring little things that make each other want to live more delightfully... Do you have an account? I am Sprinkleton over there. XOXO! Please make one if you don't have one, I'd love to twitter/tweet you, teehee.

  5. you are absolutely beautiful rosie roses.
    i adore your little tales of your adventures and i'm ever so happy to hear about your tutor adoring your pretty work.

    your tag is lovely and sweet and than you sweets for tagging me love.
    i cannot wait to do it.
    the bracelets are lovely and so is mine :)! thank you.

    i'm glad you adored your post.

    we'll catch up soon rosy roses my love.
    starry hugs xxx

    ps.. the word verification is 'beary' hehe. ---you are 'beary' beary lovely rosie and curly!

  6. I love the little red ribbon in your hair! And what a beautiful package you received, lucky! x

  7. Thank you for the tag dear!
    I am very happy for you and your art. It's hard sometimes to stick to what you really like. I think it is why I get so confuse in my mind these days about my painting. What I want and what I think people want get all tangled up and I can't see where one begins and the other ends. Which is partly why I haven't been painting in months.
    Good luck with the exhibition :)

    And a furry friend! how great! I am sure it is going to be a happy and much loved.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, dear.


  8. Awh! I envy you that you live with your boyfriend! It must be great! Hehe, my boyfriend always wants to cook, he always hogs the kitchen & calls me his "kitchen hand" how rude! hahaha nah, we always cook a lovely meal together! It's great! Today we cooked Penne Alla Vodka (you should try to make it someday it's superb & so easy to make!) Hehe, I wonder what we'll be like when we finally start living together, haha. That would be lovely indeed! You gotta show me a pic of your cooking someday! ;)

    ♥ Jehanné

  9. I love your idea for the frame wall! That's one of my favourite things and I have a little one going on my bedroom wall just now...all black frames with photos and ink drawings, and a few wooden frames with watercolours done by friends. It's lovely and I can't wait to have a big wall of them when I have a whole house of my own someday! Tell us what fun you have with decorating ;)


  10. I see I haven't thanked you for the lovely tag<333 THANK YOU<333 I'm so very honoured!

  11. hi!
    love the pictures on your blog! especially your blog's so pretty =)
    that package looks so wonderful to have received in the mail! packages are the best!!
    have a beautiful day...

  12. this is an utterly lovely post, rosie dear. i adore your answers to the tag. how wonderful! and all the little pictures of your life. i think you always show your heart on your blog, so you did not even need the tag! the drawings from your little brother are especially darling.
    i am so glad you're happy and doing the art you want to do. you must never stop doing that! and i really like your sweet little drawings.

  13. I love the bow in your hair! I am studying the cultural and economic history of wedding cakes for my graduate project. Also the folklore and the anthropology associated with them. It is a wonderful thing to study.

  14. Your blog is so beautiful - like finding a magical box full of childhood whimsy and daydreams, it's just lovely! And I was so happy to see you've answered my tag - Belle was my favourite princess too. Your magic cheered me up so much, with hair ribbons and sweeties! Thank you! xx

  15. Thank you so much for your comment, my sweet :) I was afraid you forgot about me! hehe, just kidding.
    Your drawings are amazing. You have such talent. You should be very proud of them. You could make them into greeting cards or something :)

    and how exciting that you got a new house!

  16. thank you so very much for the lovely tag, i will come back to it after Paris...

    i'm happy you wrote a post again, i've missed you dear!
    the collage is lovely, lovely, lovely! and the drawings as well!

    your post is enchating as always. you have some magic power to make it lovely, pink, sweet, teaish and oh so very enchanting indeed! i don't need candy or sugar, i get my daily need from your blog, sweetie!

  17. Hi lovely!

    I've given you an award on my blog Check it out! Hope you like it!

    ♥ Jehanné.

  18. Your blog is beautiful :)

    Your brother's drawings are lovely ><

  19. I chose Belle too. Your pictures are so enchanting.

  20. your brother's drawings are too cute!love how young children draw people, its hilarious!

    and cant wait to see the house you've got for uni!you'll have to take lots of pictures when you decorate it. if theres one thing i regret its not decorating our house enough, it needs more personality!

  21. My darling! How long it has been since we have last talked. Partly my fault…sorry!I could have sworn that I had commented and I kept wondering why you had not replied, but now I remember I said I wanted to read everything before commenting so I never did so... so sorry darling. My memory failed me...

    Hope your sweetheart feels better and his illness goes away. He is prone to getting sick, right?
    Oh I am glad you realized that for art work to be beautiful, or usually when it is, it is because it comes from the person’s heart and good thin you decided to do something about it. Though, yes, it will be mighty hard for you now, which is more than likely the reason as to why you have been unable to post. Poor you working so hard day and night.

    Aw you look darling as ever in that picture, and I am liking the Mickey Mouse shirt.

    There was a fund raiser? To help with what?

    Congrats on your 3 year anniversary though I am quite late, but it is the thought that counts. You two have something special and should never let it go. So happy that you are happy. Aw, even when you cannot do something too special you do… The treats look yummielicious.

    Oh you and Lottie are so nice, sending magical little gifts to each other. How wonderful that it.

    Ahaha… I laughed out loud when I read that you make little notes to yourself on what needs to be fixed to make the drawings better because I have the bad habit of doing so too. I do not know why I feel I must but I do and in the end I feel better like at least I recognized my errors rather than be oblivious but it makes my drawings less especial because who knew I didn’t mean it to look like that, right? Oh I am loving the drawings. The cute flowers, I do that too but in my journal because that is for my eyes only. How adorable, the pink paper with the drawing of the flowers. Very nicely done dear.

    I very much like the drawings of the girls, the one in red leggings… her pose makes her unique and her hair is quite cool. The outfit of the first is rather nice too, very nicely done. I always misshape one side of the leg and it makes me so envious that yours came out perfectly nice. The hand has such details… wow!! Oh and what a cute picture of the girl in the scarf. Also, the flowers are very pretty. That is something I do often and love it most, drawing still life, especially flowers. It is more of my thing. I was trying to read what it said behind the flowers but failed. I could only see keeps me jogging and something about difficult.

    You have got a house now?!?!?! How long have I been gone for?? Ooohhh congratulations again darling for this. A blank canvas? Yes, yes, I am liking the ideas… you are so unique and creative it is inspiring, did you know that? The same thing you plan on doing with your brother’s paintings I plan on doing with the little kids’ from the elementary school I volunteer at because they are all so lovely, and I was going to make a desing with it but… I lost them!! I cried the night I found out I did not know where they were, I literally sat in bed and cried because it was so sad.

    Oh I like the name Bob for a hamster. For a girlie… though it sounds like it is for a boy, it may also be used for a girl and I have always liked the idea of using this name on a pet, but it is just an idea. How about Charlie? Lydia seems nice too… let me know which you come up with and if you need help picking just one I can help.

    Oh I love the drawings your brother makes, whether I can understand them or not.
    I love your poem because it is so true. Oh and what a pretty bunch of bracelets.
    Ahahaa how cute the picture of your brother in the card box home.
    I also love Belle…
    I will do the lovely tag you tagged everyone to do and I like the awards, so can I maybe just have one if you would let me?
    Well dearie, have a lovely week.


  22. oh I forgot... how dare me.
    p.s. the word verification code is Rumpit which is quite hard to stick to something. It does however make me think of some sort of rum candy covered with chocolate.

  23. the red bow is very cute!

    hope you are well!


  24. Such a lovely post, my dear! "Red Nose Day", I've never heard of it, but it sounds lovely, wish we had one here! Love your sketches, you're very talented!

    And thank you so much for your comment, you're too sweet! <3


  25. beautiful post!
    i am so interested in you art work! its sounds amazing!
    just a quick question though, you know on your side bar of your blog, well the header of the image that says; '...make art like she does', whos work is that?? it looks simply amazing. i would love to check it out.
    thank you!
    hope you are well!

  26. that you very much for telling me about that artist!
    hope everything is wonderful!

  27. i love love love the doodles of the red tights and black dress. love themmm.

  28. hey girl ! i'm n love with your inspiration ! ill be back for more :)
    love your scrapbook :)
    a bientot !
    Boubou xx

  29. well if you wanna be inspired by my collages or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
    a bientot!
    Boubouteatime xx


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