Monday, 27 October 2008

I've been tagged by...

... my favourite blogger the tea drinking english rose who has the most magical blog!!

Six Random Things About Me
1. i am constantly day dreaming about new art I could create
2. i am very close to my family and get really homesick at uni
3. i think really inside im still a little girl who finds dressing up and disney films comforting
4. im obsessed with topshop but cant afford to buy anthig at the moment
5. i used to want to be belle from beauty and the beast (i still do really!!)
6. i am wearing my boyfriends mr happy to shirt right now
Six Random Things I like:
1. my boyfriend and cuddleing him :)
2. Julie Arkells work and wonderful creatures
3. crunching through leaves in autumn
4. Beatrix Potter Stories (I named my rabbit Peter Rabbit when I was 6)
5. my little brothers drawings
6. holidays on the isle of wight
Six Random Things I don't like:
1. seeing babies cry
2. leaving my family to go back to uni
3. people impersonating Marilyn Monroe- there will only be one of her!! ever!!
4. ladders in my tights
5. my room being cold
6. train journeys going wrong


and now i shall tag these inspiring blogs:
the arty one daydream lily
the one with the best clothes thrills and frills
the creative one .All Things British.

Im off to bed for now but will hopefully be finishing off my latest bit of work tomorrow so I can show you all :)

Nightie Night x


  1. Thank you for the tag! Will complete soon!

  2. Oh and I forgot to say....Love the new header, so cute!


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