Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Welcome to my blog!! Im not really sure what Im doing, but hey ho!! Im an art sudent, so this blog is going to be mostly about what art Im into and the art I do. Im not geat with technology so its going to probably take m a while to gt the hang of this!!

Anywy, today I made two quick collagss. Hope you like them!!



Childhood: The writing is copied from a note my little brother gave me. It says "I woos pickin you up frum the churan" Translation: I was picking you up from the train!! He gave me this along with a drawing of us at the train station. I thought it was really sweet and wanted to incorporate it into a piec of work somhow, and this is how it turnt out!! The objects (hairband, buttons, beads) all remind me of when i was youngr, and the bookpage is from charlie and the chocolate factory. I coloured in th illustration with food colouring, as I used to spend hourswhen I was younger painting colouring in books!!

I started uni in septmber and am living away from home with my boyfriend, and keep feeling very homesick. This collage was basically me trying to comfort myself with favourite things from my childhood and happy memories, so the drawing of shoes and the text 'there is no place like home' are from my favourite film as a little girl and this scen is relevent to how Im feeling!! The bookpage illustration is from charlie and th chocolate factory, and I picked it not only because it was my favourite book but also because te relationship between charlie and his grandpa is very similar to the close rlationship I had with my Grandad.



Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate all of them x